A New Product Study
for an Electronic Home Appliance Brand

Exploring Consumer Preferences: A New Product Study for an Electronic Home Appliance Brand


Understanding customer preferences is critical to the success of any new product. For an electronic home appliance business launching a new frost-free refrigerator, MarketGenics conducted a comprehensive study to probe into potential purchasers’ brains. This blog post discusses the project’s objectives, approach, and effective execution, demonstrating how MarketGenics excels at providing relevant market insights.

Project Overview

Research Type: Qualitative
Objective: To gather insights from female respondents planning to buy frost-free refrigerators in the next 3-4 months.
Target Audience: Women aged 28 to 40 years
Locations: Delhi and Chennai

Research Methodology: Focus Group Discussion

MarketGenics selected the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) approach for this project. FGD is a qualitative research approach in which a small group of people participate in an in-depth conversation about a specific topic, facilitated by a professional moderator. This strategy is extremely effective at revealing consumers’ deeply held beliefs, preferences, and motives.

Understanding Consumer Preferences

MarketGenics’ Approach:

Recruitment and Screening:  The initiative began with a careful recruitment and screening process. MarketGenics guaranteed that all participants met the criterion for potential purchasers of frost-free freezers in the next 3-4 months. This phase was critical for gathering relevant and actionable findings.

Conducting the Group Discussion: 
The group discussion was conducted by MarketGenics’ experienced moderator, who interacted with respondents from both Delhi and Chennai over two days . The discussions were held in a controlled setting to preserve focus and extract useful comments. For quality assurance, a client representative was present during the conversations.

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MarketGenics’ Success Story

This study demonstrates MarketGenics’ expertise in performing market research. The in-house team oversaw all aspects of the study, from recruiting to execution, to ensure that the client’s objectives were satisfied. The pre-screening of responders was comprehensive, and the talks were informative, giving the client a clear picture of consumer preferences.


The new product research for the electrical appliance brand was a huge success. MarketGenics’ scientific methodology and skill in group discussion research provided significant insights to the client, allowing them to make educated decisions about their product launch. This project demonstrates how MarketGenics can help firms strategize effectively by conducting extensive market research and data analysis.


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