In-Depth Interview
for a Clothing Brand for Men

Name: Clothing Brand Review

Research Method: In-Depth Interview


Team MarketGenics was asked to carry out a review project of a reputed clothing brand for men. We were asked to connect with male respondents of the 4 zones covering the states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Delhi NCR, Rajasthan, UP, Maharsahtra, Gujarat, Bihar

All male candidates who have worn that particular brand or intended to buy one in recent time were to be considered for the interview.

Total sample size: 20 respondents, 5 respondents from each zone

Research methodology

We had adopted in-depth interview method or face-to-face interview. This was an end-to-end research method, right from preparing the questionnaire, selecting the respondents, conducting the interview, and preparing the final report. The overall objective was to get a review of the clothing brand.

Work process

Once the questionnaire prepared by our team was given the go-ahead by the client, our next step was to find the appropriate respondents for the interview.

Our tele-callers called up varied people of different states registered on our database and fixed up an appointment of a selected few as per their convenience.

For each zone, a team leader was chosen, who would be the interviewer and moderator for the interview.

For quality purpose, a member from the client’s team was also present.

This was an in-depth interview of 1 hour

All the responses were further converted into a proper market research report for the client

The whole project was completed in 8-days time without any hitch.


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