Concept Test for a
Popular Refrigerator Brand

This is a project for one of our clients who is associated with a popular Refrigerator brand, The client has developed some concepts to design and launch an up-graded version of the Refrigerator. Before the launch, the client wished to test the concepts with the relevant audience. MarketGenics India Pvt Ltd conducted the research, right from selecting the required target audience to moderating focused group discussion and in-depth interviews to full and final presentation of findings.

Target Audience

Our target audience as required by the client are  intenders of frost-free refrigerator in next 0-6 months.

  • Age : 28 – 40 years
  • SEC : A & B Male & Female ( 30:70 )
  • Centers: Delhi & Chennai

The Concepts

There were five concepts to be tested. The new version of the refrigerator is to be designed with any of the following five concepts:

  • Freshest veggies, no wastage
  • Fresh vegetables that retain flavor
  • Max freshness, max nutrition
  • The ultimate freshness design
  • The Fresherator that saves time

Objective of the research

Key objective of the research was to assess the appeal and preferences out of the 5 concepts amongst the target audience.

Research Methodology: Focused Group Discussions and In-Depth Interviews

We opted for FGDs for the pilot study and then moved over to In-depth Interviews.

Our Success Story

Once the requirement of the client was explained, the first thing the team MarketGenics did was to find the relevant intenders of frost free refrigerator in the next 0-6 months. For any research project, the challenge is to find the right respondents to get a real-time feedback. Thankfully, we have ample number of respondents registered with us and our team was successful in finding the right set of audience for both the centers.

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At the initial phase, we opted for FGDs for a quick response from the respondents as a pilot study. Once our pilot study was approved, we moved over to in-depth interview, moderated by MarketGenics Research Team. It was on zoom call, with video off and audio recorded with prior permission from the respondents

In this regard, our MarketGenics team captured the following to put forward its findings:

  • Spontaneous reaction on seeing/listening to the concepts
  • Overall likeability / appeal
  • Uniqueness
  • Relevance
  • Willingness to go for the product as promised in the concept

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