Product evaluation research for a new green tea blend by a reputed tea brand

CLT for a Green Tea Brand

Our client, a reputed tea brand, is working on launching a blend of Green tea. The brand has developed a new variant of green tea – 2 blends in bag and 1 in leaf form of green tea for which consumer feedback is to accessed. The research was conducted in the key markets of the brand, which are Bangalore, Chennai and Kochi. The blends were tasted among consumers of key competition Brands – Tetley and Lipton

Research Objective

Objective of research is to gauge consumer reactions to new blends of Green tea by this reputed brand

Research process detailing

Recruitment of Green tea consumers was using a screening questionnaire. The process took 4-5 days. All respondents were back-checked by MG researchers.

Consumer profiling was done at 3 levels –

1) Demographic profiling – Gender, Age, SEC

2) Consumption behaviour – Types of tea consumed, Brands consumed, Consumption frequency, Purchase behaviour

3) Preference details in Green tea – Preferred flavours, Preferred mixers (plain or with honey or with sugar etc.)

Centres: Kochi, Bangalore, Chennai

Size: Total 300; 100 residents from each city

Target audience:

  • SEC A1/A2/B1
  • Male & Female
  • 25-35 yrs.
  • Purchase green tea regularly
  • Consume green tea at least twice a month

Research Methodology: Central Location Testing

We adopted CLT method for this research. We conducted consumer tasting sessions capturing the following parameters:

  • Look/ feel of tea bag (pre-brew)
  • Aroma, Colour, Density (post-brew)
  • Flavour, Ingredients (post-taste)
  • Mouthfeel, After taste, Enjoyability
  • Comparison to competition blend
  • Intent to buy

On the basis of the responses from the consumers, our research team analysed the responses and prepared the final Research report which provided the following information to the client:

  1. Identify the best blend amongst the blends developed by this reputed tea brand
  2. Go – No go for the blend
  3. What is working for the blend? What is not working?
  4. Improvement areas/ Fine tuning needed, if any

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