What our Respondents say

What our respondents say?

“My name is Mohammad Umar, I am from Allahabad. I have been connected with MarketGenics and its a good experience overall. I get timely surveys and payments. They have interesting FGD as well to keep us lively in the interaction. I have been part of many surveys and FGDs with them and every time it’s a new experience. Looking forward to work in more such projects in future.”

Mohammad Umar

AllahabadRespondent MarketGenics

“MarketGenics is the best research platform. The best thing I observed about MarketGenics, as a respondent was that, the interview questions were not traditionally structured in any specific way but it was more inclined towards the triangulation research approach where the researchers were trying to analyse, interview, observe and diagnose my response to get the best and comprehensive conclusion. This platform is based around your personal experiences and knowledge.”

Himangini Singh

Madhya Pradesh

Himangi Singh MarketGenics Respondent

Hi , I’m Papri Bhattacharya, a respondent of MarketGenics. The interview process I went through to get the job was very much satisfying for me coz I got many opportunities to explore myself and the leaders from the company side were very much supportive and helpful. And now being a member of their team I feel proud and satisfied for being in their divergent projects and looking forward to get more opportunities from them . Thank you team for your continuous support “

Papri Bhattacharya


Papri Respondent MarketGenics

“I was interviewed for a Egg Brand, and that’s when I found so many insights that we don’t really look into as a consumer. The entire process was both feedback and learning. The structure was very precise and engaging. Hence, I enjoyed the process.”

Kavita Singh


Kavita Singh MarketGenics Respondent

“I am from Delhi. I am a housewife and associated with MarketGenics as a Panel Member to participate in FGDs and in-depth interviews, if the requirement matches with my profile. Always a pleasure to take part in such lively sessions to give my opinion or feedback.”



Akshaya MarketGenics Respondent

“Hi there, My experience as a respondent was very good. The questions asked were relevant, to the point and less time taking. High fives for team MarketGenics”

Aniket Baranwal

HyderabadAniket-Kumar - marketgenics respondents

What our respondents say?