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Blind Product test for two whisky blends against competitions | End to End Research

Study Objective

Key objective of this study was to evaluate two new whisky blends of the client against  two key competitions (Mc Dowell’s No. 1 & Imperial Blue)

In this regard, the study assessed :

  • Spontaneous reactions to the blend post tasting
  • Overall appeal  along with key likes and dislikes
  • Evaluating the blends on both appearance and taste parameters like- color , taste, flavor, aroma, aftertaste, smoothness etc.

Target audience & Sample design

  • Regular drinkers
  • Consuming Whiskey at least 2-3 times a week
  • Age- 25 – 60 years 
  • MHI: 40-75K per month
  • SEC: A & B
  • Most often consumed brands : (Mc Dowell’s No. 1, Imperial Blue)



Research Approach: Central Location Testing

Proposed research was done using Central Location testing format

Quantitative research

Methodology: Monadic Sequential

Total 3 Blend Samples were made available marked as 101, 102, 103/104

Order of testing

Exposure to 101: Feedback to 101

Exposure to 102 : Feedback to 102

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Exposure to 103 : Feedback to 103/104

At the end, preference was checked amongst the 3 blends  consumed 101 vs. 102 vs. 103/104

Central Location Test

  • Test was conducted in a central location test format, at a Hotel   venue in Gurugram
  • Respondents were invited to the central venue and given the     blends for tasting
  • Volume for each sample severed was 30ml

Blends were rotated to avoid order bias

Evaluation Parameters

MarketGenics Team prepared feedback form considering the following parameters:

  • Taste
  • Smoothness
  • Smell
  • Colour
  • Mouth feel

Successful Completion

The CLT was conducted on a Sunday in Gurugram and 65 respondents had participated. The entire process was completed in record 6 hours time. 

On the basis of the responses, a market research report was prepared by our research team, which was presented to the client.

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