Market Mapping for Bread Category- End to End Research for a reputed FMCG brand

Market Mapping

Market Mapping for Bread Category in Ahmedabad - Client XXXX

The client XXXX is a quality-driven, one of the best FMCG Companies, in India.  It produces a variety of food products including bread, biscuits, cakes as well as cookies. XXXX caters to the very best of healthy food products to discerning consumers across several Indian states and also has presence in international markets.

The client wishes to get into new markets and hence was trying understand the markets well in advance. MarketGenics India Pvt Ltd. was approached to do an end to end research for this. The company has conducted the research and this article gives a glance of  the aforesaid study.

Research objective

To understand the market operating dynamics for bread category by focusing more on local /regional players in Ahmedabad to start with. 


There are mainly 3 stake holders, the study covered:

1.Distributors/Sales force of companies/whole-sellers: Those who manufacture/distribute bread

2.Retailers: Those who stock bread

3.Consumers:Those who consume bread regularly (twice a week)


Target Audience 

We conducted study for SEC A/B population in Ahmedabad, taking into consideration all 4 zones. Our target audience is the decision makers of brand purchase in the age group of 25 to 45 years. We had taken 50% each of both males and females. A fair representation of all the age band and gender was maintained in this research.

Total Sample Size:

Retailers 40; Distributors 46; Consumers 30; Total 116

Research Analysis

Basic price, Schemes and QPS (quantity purchase schemes) was assessed well to understand market in detail. This was analysed to identify the

  • 1.Key players in market
  • 2.Estimated MRP, PTR and PTD
  • 3.Key SKU’s
  • 4.Estimated market share
  • 5.Need gap analysis
  • 6.Brand salience, disposition and EXPECTATIONS from a new entrant

Research Framework

We conducted quantitative semi-structured interviews with retailers, distributors and consumers to arrive upon the requisite understanding.

Our research team looked at the following information areas amongst key stake holders (retailer, distributor & consumers)


Amongst Retailers/Distributors

  • Brands stocked by distributors/retailers in product categories
  • Reason for stocking/not stocking
  • Ranking of each product basis the demand
  • Margin
  • Relationship with brand
  • Rating of brands basis- support/offers/schemes etc.
  • Perception about the brands in the category
  • Intention of continue stocking and reason thereof
  • Expectation from brands in terms of product, pricing, schemes, services etc..

Amongst Consumers

  • Key triggers & barriers to consume the category
  • Choice drivers for brand selection
  • Brand salience
  • Key triggers and barriers for brands aware
  • Intention to buy & Intention to recommend
  • Expectations from a new entrant

Research Findings

Our team explored and identify reasons for below par performance of any brand products, to analyze need gap. The report was analyzed with the following key information areas: 

Key Information Areas 

For retailers/distributors

  • Which all brands are stocked at the outlets (for category of products). How are these decided-
  • Brand name and reputation
  • Offers/schemes/QPS
  • Quick delivery (lesser waiting time)
  • Credit period, consumer offers etc..
  • Other support and services given by company
  • Which all brands are in demand (for category of products)– why
  • What is MRP of each brands etc.

For consumers

  • Occasion & Frequency of bread consumption
  • Type of bread purchased the most
  • Bread: Purchase destination
  • Bread: consumption pattern
  • Reason for eating bread regularly etc.

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