Evolvement of India’s ‘mother and baby care’ market and brands in 2022

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The baby care products market in India has been categorized into two divisions: 

  • Baby products  comprising baby food, baby diapers, baby clothes, baby cosmetics, baby footwear and others
  • Distribution channels comprising both offline and online channels. 

As per a report by Technavio, India’s childcare products, specifically the mother and baby care market, from 2020 to 2025, are expected to increase by USD 26.35 billion, with a CAGR of 11.11 per cent.

Data Bridge Market Research

On the other hand, another report by  Data Bridge Market Research, during the projected period, the Indian baby care products market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 17.40 per cent. This means that by 2029, the market value, which was USD 10.95 billion in 2021, would have risen to USD 39.54 billion. It also states that because of rising per capita expenditure on children and increased awareness of child health and cleanliness, “baby cosmetic and toiletries” leads the product sector of the baby care goods market.

Reasons for the growth for the ‘mother and baby care’ brands in India

  • One reason for the growth is the growth in the birthrate in the country, which is having an impact on market growth. 
  • Advancement of the fast-moving consumer products industry 
  • Growing demand and supply for organic products 
  • Increased availability via both online and offline distribution channels 
  • Increased knowledge of products. 
  • A rise in the number of local and foreign companies due to high rate of globalization
  • Increasing cases of vitamin and nutrient deficiencies leading to high demand of baby health products

Why there is an evolution of Mother and Baby Care Brands in 2022?

Owing to the above reasons, more and more mother and baby care brands are coming up in the market and these brands are evolving to adapt to these transformations. Some of the key transformations that these brands are adopting are as follows:

Advancements in technology
There are rising technical developments in manufacturing technologies. An increasing number of technical developments have helped in reducing production costs and waste, as well as an increase in the use of internet-based laundry services.

Organic Care
Manufacturers are  using organic ingredients in the manufacture of baby care products that are helpful to babies’ physical and mental development. 

Increased Advertisements

The brands are also increasing their investment in advertisements and other promotional campaigns to raise brand awareness.

Rise in Income

Rising per capita disposable income have boosted the market’s growth rate.

Extensive market Research in the Field
The market is also benefiting from increased support from the government in terms of research and development capabilities.  Research and developmental operations directed towards sustainable development will ensure optimum and judicious use of resources, thereby improving the market value. 

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