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Focus Group Discussion

Concept Test for a Reputed Refrigerator Brand: Focussed Group Discussion

Client had developed some concepts for their client XXXX for the category of Refrigerator, which they wished to test with relevant audience. There were five concepts that were tested. MarketGenics India Pvt Ltd conducted the research for this project.

Key Objective

Key objective of the research was to assess the appeal and preferences  out of the 5 concepts amongst the target audience

In this regard, the study captured the following:

  • Spontaneous reaction on seeing/listening to the concepts
  • Overall likeability / appeal
  • Uniqueness
  • Relevance
  • Willingness to go for the product promised in the concept

Target Audience

  • Age group of 28 to 40 years.
  • Location: Delhi, Gurugram, Bangalore, Chennai
  • Working professionals, both male and female – decision makers in buying household stuff

Research Methodology: Focussed Group Discussions

Our research team opted for  focussed group discussion to implement this research work. 

  • At the first phase, prior screening of respondents was done. The client had certain requirements for respondents. So, the team had to choose respondents as per that criteria. 
  • Our experienced moderator/interviewer conducted the discussion with the respondents. In each discussions, 8 respondents and a moderator and one member from the client’s team were there.
  • Each discussion was for 1 hour duration. 
  • All relevant concepts were discussed in detail with the respondents 
  • Their viewpoints, the positives, the negatives, purchasing appeal, suggestions were taken into consideration. 
  • A final finding was presented to the client after gathering of all the responses in these discussions.
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