A reputed cosmetic brand has already launched its sub-brand which is into providing skin, hair, bath & body care & fragrance products. Team Marketgenics was asked to do a qualitative research on this particular sub-brand’s cosmetic products, including a market research report for the same. 


The objective was to understand the user experience with the range of skin, hair, bath & body & fragrance products of this sub-brand of the reputed cosmetic brand. 


Target Audience

The client wanted to connect with the users of this sub-brand so as to know their exact feedback on the products. 

  • Locations: Delhi, Noida, Gurugram
  • Age Group: 18 to 55 years
  • Gender: Females
  • Total: 8 respondents from each location – 24 respondents
  • Timeline: One week, right from interview to final report submission

Research Methodology: Focus Group Discussion

Our research team opted for focus group discussion to collect the responses from the users.  

After a proper selection of the genuine users, we conducted a zoom session with all 8 respondents of each location in 3 consecutive days. Our moderator asked various questions to these users to understand their views on the following:

  1. How is this sub-brand perceived by the consumers?
  2. Understanding the consumer journey that led them to its discovery & finally, purchase
  3. Triggers & motivations that nudge a consumer to a particular brand

The questions were wide and varied, starting from their living style, shopping pattern,  expenses on cosmetics, varied brands used by them, the current bath & body care products used, and so on.


Success Story

We completed the entire project within a week’s time, as per the requirement of the client.

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The entire responses by the respondents were taken note of.

Team MarketGenics was involved in the entire research process –  right from selection of respondents, to preparing the questionnaire,  moderation, transcription  to the final market research report.

On the basis of the responses, our experts could to do an effective Competition mapping, considering Sentiments, Quality Benchmarking, and  Brand Positioning, and accordingly the full and final report was prepared and presented to the client.


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