CLT - Central location Testing Services

Assuring accurate and trustworthy insights into user-behaviour with our qualitative central location testing services

MarketGenics has been involved with central location testing services for food and beverage industry. We have completed a number of central location testing services in Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Jaipur, Agra, Bhopal. 

Creating a proper ambience for CLT is very essential. Team MarketGenics ensures that the place chosen for the CLT follows all norms and Covid protocols. Expecially for Alcohol CLTs, we ensure that the chosen hub is a valid license holder for serving alcohol.

For CLTs, we can manage 50 to 100 respondents per location and the total turnaround time is 5 to 6 hours in each location. All participants are chosen by Team MarketGenics as per client’s requirement. 

What is CLT?

It is a method of carrying out product market research that’s done in a controlled environment, not in the respondent’s home.

In this way, it differs from data collections methods like online surveys or online communities or telecalling.

The main reason to use CLT is to to test physical products in a face to face setting, which helps in exercising more control of the testing process. By being in the room with the participants, it becomes much more convenient to control for bias, engage more with the process, and gain accurate and useful results from the responses.

MarketGenics CLT Process for Alcohol Blend Testing

  • OBJECTIVE: Blend Test for a New Blend Vs Key Competition – End to End Research
  • RESEARCH METHODOLODY: Monadic Sequential (Blind form without exposing the brand name)
    • The respondents have to taste a new liquor blend (yet to be launched), along with 2 other regular blends
    • They give their feedback on taste, colour, strength and other features as compared to the other 2 popular blends.
    • All responses are recorded
    • A full and final report is prepared based on the unbiased responses


CLT Services

Why us?

  • We recruit the right sample of participants.
  • We ensure that quality participants are recruited.
  • WE implement a unique numbering system that allows us to easily keep track of the identity, payment, and seating arrangements of each participant.
  • We have a network of tried and tested venues in multiple markets, where all protocols are followed
  • There is a trained team to ask the questions and monitor responses
  • Avoid bias and do not steer the participants in a certain direction.
  • We present an unbiased report based on the respondents’ “raw” feedback.

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