Secondary Research

Highly competitive market scenario along with a  growing economy has made it imperative for businesses of all sizes to acquire in-depth knowledge of the core business areas.  With an emphasis on the consumer market, we at MarketGenics provide a comprehensive range of specialized market research, data analytics, and assessment tools and services to help our clients gain a competitive advantage. Our capable and experienced research team members are experts in  secondary research works as well and offer a streamlined approach to all your research-related needs.

We are a leading name in the market in providing essential statistics, figures, and facts to support clients in their business initiatives. 

Secondary Research Methods

Our secondary research services are built upon a methodical research framework to gather both qualitative and quantitative information. We make use of  both scientific and empirical evidence to provide an accurate report analysis to our clients. 
  • Data available on the Net
  • Government and nongovernment agencies 
  • Public libraries
  • Government publications
  • Census
  • Local newspapers, journals, magazines, radio and TV stations 
  • Annual Reports
  • Client histories 
  • Case studies
Secondary Research Methods

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