Top 10 Reasons
why online surveys are beneficial​

Regardless of the type of survey, it is important to the development of the company or institution business to obtain feedback and act accordingly.  In all organizations or businesses, regular or timely feedback is necessary for improvement and effectiveness. Online surveys also help to get a better idea of a new product launch or a new service and in fact, it also helps to get opinions on social issues.


10 Reasons why online surveys are beneficial

Here, in this article, we focus on ten key advantages of doing online surveys for a market study:


  1. Cost-effective: There is not much expenses in set-up and administration costs.
  2. Convenient: It is very easy and convenient for respondents to complete surveys online.
  3. Saves time: Online surveys save a lot of time and effort. You just need to send the online survey form to various respondents and get it filled. It usually takes a minimum of 10 minutes and a maximum of 30 minutes to fill up a survey form. You can quickly create, administer, collect and analyze surveys.
  4. Easily Accessible: You can administer your surveys through an online system, This enhances accessibility. You can send a survey link via email, WhatsApp and you can access the responses immediately once a form has been filled. Also, respondents can access the online survey form including mobile devices, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, etc.
  5. Greatest Reach & scalability: One of the greatest advantages of using online surveys is that trhough online surveys, you can reach people all across the globe or as per requirement. You can send the same survey to thousands of people at the same time. There is also the option of creating online surveys or questionnaires in a variety of languages
  6. Flexible design options: Online surveys provide more flexibility in the design. Organizations / businesses can quickly develop a variety of customized surveys, customized d to the target audience.
  7. Anonymous respondents: Another important advantage of using online surveys is that they provide anonymity of respondents. When the respondents’ profiles remain confidential, they become more comfortable in taking part of the surveys. Once confidentiality is assured, participants feel more comfortable providing open and honest feedback. Completion rates become more successful,
  8. Objective served: Online surveys add a valuable objective to the feedback. This is achieved by removing any influence on responses that may be present in telephone or face-to-face surveys. Responses more valid in online surveys.
  9. Accurate results: The data collected through online surveys is more accurate. A very smaller margin-of-error is expected in online surveys. This is because the responses go directly to the online database rather. And the responses are not being manually entered by a person.
  10. Quick results: Another important benefit of using online surveys is that you get real-time quick results. As soon as respondents have completed the survey, you can view the responses. This allows a business to analyze the responses and quickly act upon it.
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