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We provide the most comprehensive range of full-service research, B2B, B2C, B2G  research solutions to give your brand a competitive edge over others. We provide customized research solutions for your unique business needs. As a market researcher, our company is providing a complete functional solution to start-ups, small and big businesses with the highest quality, independent fieldwork, interviewing, data entry, and end-to-end research services all over India and globally. 

End to End Research Services

A complete market research gives you insight into your market, your products, your services, your competitors, and your customers. Collecting data is just one part of the research work. It is necessary to collate it and analyze it as well. This is where MarketGenics come into play an essential role. Our expert team extrapolate all the findings of the responses of different groups and come up with a perfect solution to take the next step to scale your business. We are well-versed with market research approaches of Product & Concept testing, Ad testing, Brand tracking, Consumer profiling, Segmentation, U&A, etc.


Market Research Solutions

These include Product testing, Market feasibility, Market sizing, Concept testing, Retail audits,  Consumer audits, Mystery audits, Usage studies, Attitude Studies etc.

Data Handling and management

Our services here include quality Data collection, Data entry, Data Processing and Data Mining

Analytics Support and Data Analysis

Our expert team gather valuable customer information, which helps in more accurate and deeper customer profiles that in turn support personalization and customization.

Market Research for Startups

Starting a business is easy but to make it successful is complex.  MarketGenics ensures how to take off your business for a long run, with accurate facts and figures.

How we help you in the growth of your business as a Market Researcher?


From ideas to innovation, we can be your guiding support for a perfect analysis of your market research findings. 

Quantitative Research 

With our large database of respondents spread all across the country, we are experts in getting real opinions from people in real time in a structured way so that all facts and statistics are available to guide you. We make sure our quantitative research provides a representative sample of your target market.

  • CLT
  • CATI
  • CAWI
  • CAPI
  • Telecalling
  • Field Surveys
  • Online Surveys

quantitative research

Qualitative Research

With our experienced panel of expert researchers, we help you to provide insights into your products or services by an in-depth analysis thorough our qualitative research method.  Uncover trends in opinions and thoughts of end customers/respondents and dive deeper to get proper and complete solutions.

  • Face to Face Interviewing
  • Focussed Group Discussion
  •  In-depth Interviewing
  • Random interviews on location
  • First-hand collection of data on the spot
  • Case studies

Qualitative research

Hybrid Research 

Our hybrid research methodology, which is a combination of quantitative and qualitative market research, gives you business insights on what your end customers truly need. It helps to establish a better understanding of results and to deliver the perfect and complete research solution. 

  • Deep qualitative insights that we gather from in-person consumer interactions
  • Detailed quantitative data from large sample designs

hybrid research


Comprising an experienced team of professional researchers, we deliver high-quality services in end-to-end market research operations.  As a market researcher, we assure 100% accuracy in data collection and visualization for an effective market study that gives valuable insights for your  business promotion and growth.

  • We provide hand-holding support to start-ups
  • Predictive analytics and forward looking insights of your business
  • 100% quality work combined with 100% professionalism, accountability and on-time deliver
  • Real time data with our database of more than 5 lakh respondents spread all across the country
  • A team of expert professionals of diverse industry experience to provide a meaningful analysis of market research findings
  • Customized research as per client’s requirement

Steps in Conducting Market Research

  1. Client to define the problem
  2. Market Research provides a suitable research plan (methodology and sample plan)
  3. Design a questionnaire that helps to ascertain the solution for the problem
  4. Execute data collection and quality checks
  5. Data processing
  6. Data validation and Analysis
  7. Final report and presenting insights to clients

Conducting Market Research

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”
– Bill Gates

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