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Client Success Story: U&A Study for Category Expansion

A trusted and well-known company recognised for its delicious selection of packaged sweets, milk and other dairy products wanted to increase its product selection in order to reach a larger clientele. To assist them on this expansion journey, they sought the advice of, who provided them with a detailed study on category expansion. 

The Challenge:

The brand wanted an  insightful data on consumer behaviour, tastes, and opinions that help the brand’s decision-makers make well-informed choices for successful packaged sweets market category expansion.



The objective of the study was to  how to better comprehend consumer attitudes and behaviours towards packaged sweets, identify market trends, assess competing products, and find new potential for category growth.

Category Expansion - U&A Study

Our Solution

According to the client’s requirements, painstakingly created a thorough Usage & Attitude (U&A) study and category mapping analysis. Researching thoroughly in both primary and secondary data sources was the initial step. They looked at consumer behaviour in relation to packaged sweets, competitive strategies, and market data already available.

The preliminary research stage was equally important. designed questionnaires with customers from various locations and demographic groups in mind. Consumer preferences, buying habits, taste preferences, packaging expectations, and other topics were covered. In order to gain deeper insights,  focus groups discussions and in-depth consumer interviews were conducted.


The Outcome

Once the data was collected and processed, separated the consumer base based on demographics, behaviors, and preferences. They found areas of the market that needed improvement as well as unmet consumer desires. They recognised a chance to produce a line of packaged sweets that targeted to these particular unmet needs.

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The client’s product development team was then directly involved in the work of Together, they developed the idea for a fresh range of sweets in packaging that would address the observed deficiencies. The items were carefully designed with the target market’s tastes and expectations in mind.

To Sum Up

The project’s success was evidence of the potency of a skillfully carried out U&A category mapping study. Along with assisting the client in growing their packaged sweets category, enabled a deeper comprehension of their target market, ensuring long-term success and client pleasure. The successful partnership between the renowned company and created a new benchmark for packed sweets and left a sweet taste of success in the air

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Category Mapping - Case Study

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