Blind Product Test for
Two Whisky Blends
Against Competitors

Blind Product test for two whisky blends against competitions | End to End Research


Finding the ideal combination in the ever changing world of spirits is a journey full of complexity and intricacies. Whisky connoisseurs place a high value on the flavor, aroma, and entire experience. However, how do novel blends perform in comparison to well-known rivals? Here’s where thorough research becomes important. This blog post explores the depths of a blind product test, matching two brand-new whiskey blends against two industry mainstays: Imperial Blue and McDowell’s No. 1.

Study Objective

This study’s main goal was to carefully compare two new whisky blends from our client to their fierce rivals, McDowell’s No. 1 and Imperial Blue. Post-tasting spontaneous reactions, overall appeal, and a thorough analysis of appearance and taste metrics, such as color, flavor, scent, aftertaste, and smoothness, were all included in the evaluation.

Target Audience and Sample Size

Regular whisky drinkers who indulged in their preferred spirit at least twice or three times a week made up our target demographic. These individuals, who belonged to SEC A & B, ranged in age from 25 to 60 years, had monthly household incomes between 40 and 75K, and represented a wide range of whisky users. Notably, McDowell’s No. 1 and Imperial Blue were the most often consumed brands out of all of them.

Research Approach: Central Location Testing

To ensure precision and reliability, we adopted a Central Location Testing (CLT) format for our research. This quantitative approach, employing a monadic sequential methodology, involved presenting three blend samples to participants. The subsequent feedback provided invaluable insights into preferences and perceptions.

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Central Location Testing End to End Research

Central Location Test

The CLT took place at a prestigious hotel venue in Gurugram, attracting 65 enthusiastic respondents. Each participant was treated to 30ml samples of the blends, with careful rotation to mitigate order bias. The meticulous planning ensured a seamless process, with the entire test completed within a remarkable six-hour timeframe.

Evaluation Parameters

Our evaluation parameters were meticulously crafted by the MarketGenics Team to capture every aspect of the tasting experience. Participants were encouraged to provide feedback on taste, smoothness, smell, color, and mouthfeel, enabling a comprehensive analysis of each blend’s attributes.

Successful Completion

With 65 dedicated participants and a meticulously executed CLT, our blind product test was a resounding success. The wealth of data gathered during the process facilitated the creation of a comprehensive market research report, meticulously prepared by our research team. This report, enriched by the insights and preferences of our participants, was subsequently presented to our esteemed client, empowering them with invaluable knowledge for informed decision-making.


In the realm of whisky blending, precision, and expertise reign supreme. Through our blind product test, we embarked on a journey of discovery, unraveling the intricacies of taste, aroma, and preference. Armed with the insights gleaned from our discerning participants, our client is poised to navigate the competitive landscape with confidence and clarity. As the spirit of innovation continues to drive the industry forward, our commitment to rigorous research remains unwavering, ensuring that every blend tells a story worth savoring.

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