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MG-Voice -Revolutionizing CATI and CAWI

MG-Voice - Your Most Intelligent & Sophisticated Cloud ERP System

MG Voice provides cutting-edge options for computer assisted web interviewing (CAWI) and computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI). Our sophisticated techniques guarantee precise data gathering and perceptive analysis, empowering companies to take well-informed decisions. MG Voice is dedicated to innovation and uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver dependable and effective market research services. Whether conducting web-based surveys or phone interviews, our experience guarantees thorough and useful insights for your company’s requirements. For all of your CATI and CAWI market research needs, put your trust in MG Voice and see the difference.


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MarketGenics is transforming CATI and CAWI processes by enhancing efficiency and automation.


MG-Voice​ - USPs

Best Features That Make
Everything Easy


Efficient data collecting can be achieved by implementing real-time data entering and prompt quality checks to ensure high data integrity.



For smooth operations, automate project management responsibilities including quota allocation, fraud screening, and supplier mapping.



To improve speed and reliability, map calls with survey IDs and record them using IVRS and soft calls integration.


Detailed Reporting

Access actionable insights quickly with our detailed reporting capabilities for suppliers, clients, projects, and teams.

Detailed Reporting


Enhance face-to-face and mobile interviews with our F2F app and mobile solutions.



Ensure seamless connectivity with supplier and demand-side API integrations, making your market research operations more efficient and effective.



From “Demand to Supply” and “Sales to Delivery,” our CAWI research automation method assists with supplier redirects, IP and geolocation limitations, fraud detection, pre-screening, and more. Each step is automated with a specialized project management system that delivers actionable data insights for client’s reference.


The entire CATI process, including sales, project management, quality assurance, research analysis, and data quality, is what MG Voice specializes. Project administration is made easy with our system’s generation of comprehensive reports and recording of soft calls. It also offers effective project allocation and a methodical data feasibility matrix.

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This powerful tool enhances automation, efficiency, and real-time data entry for CATI and CAWI. Say goodbye to manual data entry with MG-Voice’s extensive online survey tools, automated project management, and detailed reporting features. It’s your secret weapon for smarter, seamless market research.

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