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Market Research is required not only for new brands but also for previously launched brands, products and services.  Hence, many clients prefer to opt for ways for development of existing brands by incorporating the new elements.  This is in research terminology referred as Brand Mix Development.

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Brand positioning

Research on brand positioning and evaluating the gaps

This type of research helps marketers to find out latent/overt need gaps and come upon brand positioning opportunities. Our team goes for a two-phase research here:  Base Research and Positioning Research. The first research identifies the gaps, both explicit and implicit in nature. The second phase of research helps in identifying and exploring the various positioning routes. Our experts use a hybrid research methodology in this type of research.

Communication development for Brand Mix

Once the positioning is identifies and developed for the client’s brand, we move to the next phase of our research, which is communication development.  Here, we use qualitative research methodologies, depending on the need. Our communication development research focuses on 4 key aspects: Appeal, Relevance of message and message delivery, Execution Uniqueness, and lastly, Persuasiveness. The objective is to make the communication so impactful that it translates from intention to purchasing the brand.

The Brand Mix Development
product development

Product Development

We have the expertise for product development using the customer feedback. Product development takes place following a proper research considering the following

  • Presence: familiarity based on past trial.
  • Relevance: relevance on consumer’s need.
  • Performance: belief to deliver acceptable product.
  • Advantage: belief that brand has emotional rational advantage.
  • Bonding: rational and emotional attachment to the brand.

Brand Evaluation and potential estimation research

Once the brand mix for a new brand is developed, we do a brand evaluation research. This type of market research is used to find out how the product / service is likely to do in the market. This research provides valuable insights into the type of demand the product / service can achieve. We use Quantitative Techniques for this research. Also referred as potential estimation research, the key findings are

  • Gauging the Feedback
  • Value for money
  • Retaining chances of the product
  • Target audience in the long run

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Market Research is the only path that helps connect with customers. It is the potential key that provides solution and helps to cope up with the changing business environment.

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