MarketGenics.co assures 100% quality checks in the services provided to its clients. All our research reports, data analysis and survey works for data collection are carried out by our expert team of professionals. There is no compromise on the quality checks to give the accurate data analytics reports and an effective market study to the client

Quality Checks Cycle


We have comprehensive range of data collection methods, each of these would be chosen/advised by Researcher as per the study requirement

  1. Online Web surveys
  2. Tele-calling
  3. Face to Face

Over the years we have reached out to 5 lakh people and continue to reach out many. These are our panelists who have been recruited through Face to Face method for conducting research.


Online Web Surveys:-

  • The panelists are registered through double opt in – Mobile and E-mail OTP verification
  • Unique panelists
  • Survey level:
    • Tricky question
    • Duplicate IP restrictions
    • Speedster
    • Illogical responses
    • Bot responses


  • 10% call recording
  • Supervisor barge-in: 10%
  • Executive barge-in: 5%

FACE TO FACE:- Random checks

  • 15% supervisor accompaniments
  • 20% supervisor Tele-Back check
  • 10% Executive accompaniments (Fresh calls + Supervisor checked calls)
  • 15% Executive Tele-Back check (Fresh calls + Supervisor checked calls)
  • 5% or max 20 calls (Whichever minimum) Researcher Tele-Back Check


Execution & Backcheck Process for all the Projects that are done (Both Random and Panel)

MarketGenics’s market research team takes great care in analyzing the responses gathered from various sources. It is extremely important to have a basic idea of the respondents surveyed before performing quality check on the data.
Once the project is understood and grasped well from client we follow the below steps to execute-
Steps taken before finalizing the respondents for the research

  • Supervisor’s briefing done centrally by Researcher on Job
  • Supervisor briefs the interviewers center wise
  • Once the profile criteria is understood well, interviewers do the recruitment of respondents
  • The first list recruited by interviewers goes to supervisor for scrutiny 
  • The approved list of supervisor then comes to team leader, who has a set of tele-callers who does random calls to the respondents in order to welcome them on board as respondents
  • In this process the caller normally asks 4-5 questions just to ascertain that the profile is right and the information submitted is matching
  • The caller does 30-40% of the calls from each of the interviewer to approve the lot done by him/her.

Steps taken post finalizing the respondents and during the research is ON if the respondent is for one time feedback

  • Post the collection  of data, the calls are given to check if the interview took place or not
  • Check on 3-4 questions of the survey
  • If there are any contradictions or anomaly found, the response from the particular respondent is cancelled.
Quality Check

Steps taken post finalizing the respondents and during the research is ON if the respondent is recruited as a panel member for regular feedback

  • Calls to respondents are given weekly or fortnightly to ascertain if they are participating in the process and are happy to continue
  • In case of any concern, we drop the respondent and replace with the back-up (the same is also communicated to client)
  • In the call, we also try and motivate and appreciate respondents for their valuable feedback
  • Client’s feedback on regular interval is collected for any uncertain and untraceable instances
  • Profile check and up- gradation of each panel members happen every 3 months to keep updated with the respondent’s profile


Apart from the above, many contingency approaches are also taken depending on the nature of the research. The objective of most research studies is to enable decision making, which in turn is entirely dependent on data collected on field. Post defining a right approach for data collection, the next step is quality check of data. Once the team is confident of the accuracy of the data, it is forwarded to the researchers for  final analysis and preparing the market research report. The team takes utmost caution in analyzing the responses to come up with an effective market study for the client to meet his business goal.