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Collection Methods

Accurate Data Collection for Market Research

The data collection methods that team MarketGenics use give complete support to customize your marketing automation, deliver important information to sales and marketing teams, and effectively provide a better experience to your customers. 

Over the years we have reached out to 5 lakh people and continue to reach out many. These are our panelists who have been recruited through proper background checks for conducting research. 

Qualitative & Quantitative Data Collection

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In the modern age of business, data is an essential requirement. Your business prospects rely heavily on customer data / industrial data for various aspects so as to help companies/businesses to engage effectively with their prospects. 

We very well know that simply gathering data in itself is not necessarily helpful.  It is very important to choose the right data collection technique that helps to give a perfect market analysis. We make sure that the data collection method should have the right context and structure to be usable. Understanding the client’s requirement, we make use of the perfect research methodology  to give the real direction for how it may be used in a business setting. Our techniques offer real, data-backed decisions that drive your business forward.

Data Collection

Our data collection methods

quantitative research

Quantitative Research

Data analysis in quantitative research is complex and requires special methods to interpret. We provide the following Quantitative Research Analysis services: 

  • CLT
  • CATI (Multilingual Tele-calling)
  • CAWI
  • CAPI  
  • Online/Offline Surveys

Qualitative Research

With our experienced panel of expert researchers, we help you to provide insights into your products or services by an in-depth analysis thorough our qualitative research method.  Uncover trends in opinions and thoughts of end customers/respondents and dive deeper to get proper and complete solutions.

  • Face to Face (Online & Offline Interviews)
    • Focussed Group Discussion
    • In-depth Interviews

Qualitative research

hybrid research

Hybrid Research

Our hybrid research methodology, which is a combination of quantitative and qualitative market research, gives you business insights on what your end customers truly need. It helps to establish a better understanding of results and to deliver the perfect and complete research solution.

Hybrid research method adopted by us offers an easy and full approach to collecting all-encompassing data

Opinion Polling

We are also involved in a scientific, non-biased public opinion poll type of survey to measure the public’s views regarding a particular subject, be it social, religion or political or any other issues.

Our team has expertise in conducting opinion polls. Our researchers have unique skill sets to conduct these polls. Through these opinion polls and surveys, our team  gives do-able perspectives to our clients so that they can adopt effective business strategies  accordingly. 

opinion poll

field research

Field Surveys

Our market researchers are also involved in gathering of information at the local level by conducting primary surveys or field surveys. Field surveys are conducted in the following ways:

  • Door to Door
  • Exit Interviews
  • Shopper Intercepts
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Vox Pop

Our Market-G App

We have our in-house mobile survey app to do market surveys. 

Spanning all across the country, our registered users are the actual consumers of various products and services. For a proper market study and analysis, we feel proud to be associated with respondents of different profiles. We have with us people of different backgrounds, in terms of age, gender, profession, demography, from every nook and corner of the country.

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Market Research is the only path that helps connect with customers. It is the potential key that provides solution and helps to cope up with the changing business environment.

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