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Every product or service is made for its end-users or customers. Products or services are launched to either solve customers’ problems or satisfy their needs. So, pre-launch and after-launch of the product/service  –  all depends around your customers and their experiences and expectations. 

MarketGenics provide support to businesses in their decision making of a development of a new product/service or in acquiring the performance report of the new product or service. We have team of professionals  to provide you top quality product survey for Research.

We conduct surveys that meet your Research Objectives

We are one of the leading market research companies for full-service projects. 

We acquire quantitative data from customers, policy makers and business decision makers depending on the requirement. Our research team and analysts provide support in helping you reach the right audience. 

Surveys as per requirement

MarketGenics Survey Team,  comprising highly experienced and skilled survey specialists and interviewers, supports all phases of the survey project, right from initiation, questionnaire design to data collection and analysis. 

Experienced Team of Survey Specialists

Effective survey methodologies matching your research objective. Our mobile survey app makes the process easier.

Market-G App

Our in-house app make helps us to do surveys in a better way


Telephonic Surveys

We have fully-equipped, experienced tele-callers to conduct telephonic surveys PAN India. Our database gives us access to more than 5 lakh respondents/professionals across domains and markets. 

Online surveys

We have expertise in online surveys which is one of the most popular data collection methods for product survey. An online questionnaire is send to the target sample via various mediums such as email, embedded over website, social media, including our App Market-G

Online Surveys

In-depth Discussions

This is a combination of  both telephonic and web based approach. We try to gain critical insights from decision makers or respondents. We send out product survey for Research, follow up on phone, conduct in-depth interviews, focus group discussions and ensure survey completion.

Affordable Online and Offline Surveys

The best part is that MarketGenics has its own survey app which makes the process of conducting surveys easier and quicker. With a Pan India database of more than 5-lakh respondents, conducting research using surveys by our team give genuine responses. The data collected from surveys is then statistically analyzed to draw meaningful research conclusions.


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Market Research is the only path that helps connect with customers. It is the potential key that provides solution and helps to cope up with the changing business environment.

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