A Strategic Lapsage Study
for a Reputed
South Indian Milk Brand

A well-known South Indian milk brand faced a challenging situation when one of their products – flavored milk – saw a decrease in the demand, when the market dynamic and consumer tastes changed. Rapid changes in consumer preferences made the brand wanted to find out the reasons for the decline in demand for that product.  MarketGenics.co was approached to conduct an exhaustive lapsage study.

Understanding the Challenge:

The project was started by MarketGenics with a thorough examination of the milk brand’s existing market positioning, consumer attitudes, and competitive environment. The group saw that the company was having trouble keeping up with the changing needs of its audience due to problems ranging from obsolete packaging to poor communication tactics to emerging of new milk brands.

Labsage Study MarketGenics


MarketGenics researchers applied both qualitative in-depth interviews and quantitative semi-structured interviews to understand the core needs
from Brand’s Milk as well as reasons for lapsage to other competition brands. Retailers who stock the brand Milk, the distributors and the consumers who have lapsed out from the brand Milk were approached for this study.

Center – Tamil Nadu

Strategic Insight through Data Analysis:

With the aid of sophisticated data analytics tools, MarketGenics investigated customer trends, preferences, and behavior in great detail. Through the examination of social media exchanges, questionnaires, and consumer behavior, the group discovered priceless information that served as the cornerstone for the brand’s comeback.

A increasing market for dairy products that are supplied locally and organically was identified by the data-driven approach. Equipped with this understanding, MarketGenics devised a plan to reestablish the brand as a pioneer in dairy products sourced sustainably and ethically.

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The procedure started with a thorough lapsage research, in which MarketGenics.co used cutting-edge data analytics. Every imaginable facet of the brand’s market presence was examined and analyzed, from consumer attitudes to rival landscapes. This precision based on data created the foundation for a strategic change.

Strategic Positioning:

MarketGenics.co saw a chance to establish the brand as a leader in healthy living. Utilizing the results of the study, the brand purposefully conveyed its dedication to offering not only milk but also a wellness-focused way of life. This struck a deep chord with consumers who are health-conscious, giving the brand a unique place in a congested market.

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