Enhancing Customer Experience
Through Mystery Audit

Enhancing Customer Experience Through Mystery Audits: A Success Story by MarketGenics


MarketGenics recently finished a thorough mystery audit for one of the biggest and most reliable poultry farming businesses in India, which is well-known for producing clean, high-quality chicken and eggs. Modern, FSSC 22000 accredited, and FSSAI compliant processing facilities are run by the brand to guarantee premium product quality. They collaborated with MarketGenics to conduct an extensive mystery audit in order to uphold their high standards and enhance the client experience.

The purpose of the mystery audit

Evaluating and improving the customer experience at the brand’s multiple sites was the main goal of the mystery audit. Through customer-centric evaluation of the stores, the brand sought to pinpoint areas for enhancement and guarantee uniformity in terms of quality and service.


To guarantee objective findings, the mystery audit was painstakingly prepared and carried out without the owners’ or storekeepers’ awareness. In order to collect detailed information, MarketGenics audited eighteen pre-selected stores—seven in Bangalore and one in Hosur.

Enhancing Customer Experience Through Mystery Audits

Customer Experience Parameters

To provide a thorough evaluation, the audit was based on two groups of parameters:

First Group of Parameters:

  • Store signage cleanliness and impact
  • Store approach
  • Cleanliness of glass doors, façades, interior floors, work tables, cutting machines, freezers, and chillers
  • Visibility and cleanliness of brand elements and promotional materials
  • Display of toll-free numbers prominently

Second Group of Parameters:

  • Validity of FSSI, GST, and Shops & Establishment licenses
  • Catchment tracking mechanisms
  • Temperature and cleanliness of freezers and chillers
  • Regular cleaning of cutting machines
  • Use of gloves while handling meat
  • Functionality of power backup
  • Cleanliness of sinks and surrounding areas
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Mystery Audit Process

A rating scale from 1 to 5 was used for the first group of parameters, while the second group utilized a yes/no response format. The mystery audit was conducted discreetly by MarketGenics’ team members who visited each store, assessing based on the established parameters.

Findings and Recommendations

The findings from the audit were meticulously analyzed and presented, covering:

  • Overall observations
  • Customer experience analysis
  • Compliance with brand standards
  • Comparison with competitors
  • Recommendations for improvement


The brand was able to improve both its customer experience and operational effectiveness because to MarketGenics’ comprehensive findings and practical recommendations. This fruitful mystery audit demonstrates MarketGenics’ proficiency in providing dependable and perceptive market research services that result in observable enhancements for businesses. Enhance your brand’s customer experience with MarketGenics’ expert mystery audit services.

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