Team MarketGenics is associated with one of the country’s largest and most trusted companies pioneering in poultry farming, a reputed brand that provides high-quality hygienic chicken and eggs. The chickens are processed in a state-of-art processing plant which is FSSC 22000 certified and  FSSAI compliant to ensure the highest quality of products. The outlet sizes are typically 200-250  sq.ft.

To reach to this level it has taken a lot of efforts and hard work and the brand never compromises on any bit in its quality, and hence the brand wished to assess the stores they are present in from a customer point of view. 

This Mystery shopping/audit was done by MarketGenics India Private Limited. 

Objective of Mystery Audit

Objective of Mystery audit was to improve the customer experience while visiting the brand’s stores in various locations. 


  • The mystery audit was conducted without the knowledge of the store keepers/owners
  • The mystery audit was conducted at various locations of Bangalore & Hosur
  • Total 18 pre-selected shops of the brand was audited (17 in Bangalore and 1 in Hosur)

Customer Experience Parameters

To carry out the mystery audit, our research team prepared a list of  parameters as per the requirement of the client so as to get an overall idea of the customers’ experience in the stores. 

First Group of Parameters

  • Store signage cleanliness, impact
  •  Approach to the store
  •  Glass door, Façade cleanliness / no torn, old / irrelevant communication
  •  Interior floor is clean and no hinderance for consumer to walk in
  •  Clean work table, clean cutting machine and clean exterior of freezer and chiller
  •  Clean fan, lights, ceiling, walls
  •  All brand elements are visible and clean
  •  All recent brand communication elements are put-up
  •  Current promotions being put up prominently
  • Toll free number displayed prominently

Second Group of Parameters

  • Was there Valid FSSI, GST and Shops & establishment license displayed in the store?
  • Does the store have a strong catchment tracking mechanism
  • Temperature of Freezer & Chiller
  •  Is the interior of the chiller and Freezer clean?
  •  Is the cutting machine cleaned regularly
  •  Usage of Gloves while handling chilled meat
  •  Is the power backup in working order ?     
  •  Is the Sink and Sink Area clean?

Mystery Audit Process

A rating scale from 1 to 5, where 1 means “Not at all good” and 5 means “Very Good” was considered for each of the first group of parameters. The second group of parameters has a choice of yes/no for an answer.

The audit was conducted without the knowledge of the store keepers/owners. Keeping in mind the parameters mentioned above, our team member visited each of the brand’s stores in Bangalore and in Hosur. With the help of our field team, the mystery audit was carried out in a smooth manner. 

Mystery Audit Findings

The detailed findings of the mystery audit of this popular brand was presented by the research team in front of the client’s team through a zoom meeting.


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