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Brand Equity Research Services

Brands are related with a set of emotions that influence the responses and behavior of the consumers towards a product or service. It is necessary for a business to comprehend the commercial value or equity, that is, acquired from consumers’ perceptions of the brand .

MarketGenics makes an effective analysis of brand health or equity as a combined effect of the strength of the brand and the connection of the brand with the target audience. We use both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to derive at a final outcome of the brand health.

Why Us

Why us

Brand health research by our team gives an understanding of the following:

  • Status of the brand today
  • What will be its status tomorrow
  • Effective solutions for taking it there

Our team has expertise and experience to conduct brand equity researches across varied industry categories

Brand equity research is conducted in two cases. Please click on the links to know in details.

Brand equity research

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