Brand Mix Evaluation

MarketGenics Team offers services on Brand Mix Evaluation Research. We help to analyze your brand in terms of

  • Market Reaction
  • Customer Response
  • Sales Performance
  • Cost-Per-Acquisition
  • Return-on-Investment

What we do?

Product Test

Product testing is undertaken by the team to help the client decide on what options are available or to benchmark as a result of competition. We conduct this research quantitatively and some in-depth interviews so as to help in further product development.

Product Testing

Communication research

Communication research that we conduct is to help in identifying, exploring, and measuring the factors that surround communication, which in turn help in brand promotion. We undertake a quantitative methodology for this. Either, it can be pre-tested before the launch or it can be tested after launch with proper feedback.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction studies help to find out how the end customers are satisfied with the client’s product or service that he deals with. Usually, service companies who provide direct service to end customers opt for customer satisfaction studies.  For this study, our team uses quantitative research methodology with a structured questionnaire. We advice such studies to be conducted at regular intervals to gauge customer’s feedback in an effective manner.

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