Unveiling the Blend:
A Comprehensive Evaluation of a
New Green Tea Variant

Product Evaluation Research for a New Green Tea Brand


Maintaining a competitive edge in the ever-changing world of customer preferences necessitates constant innovation and an acute awareness of what appeals to your target market. Our customer, a well-known tea company, has set out to launch a brand-new green tea variety. We explore the complex process of product assessment research that was carried out to determine how consumers would respond to this novel blend in this blog article.

Product Evaluation Research

The study’s main objective was to evaluate consumer opinions of three different green tea varieties that our client had created: two blends in bag form and one in leaf form. The study focused on three important markets: Bangalore, Chennai, and Kochi. In these cities, consumers of Tetley and Lipton, two of the top competitors, sampled the blends.

Research Objective

The study’s main goal was to ascertain how consumers felt about our client’s new line of green tea blends. This required assessing a number of factors, including flavor, scent, presentation, and personal preference.

Research Process: An Overview

Using a screening questionnaire, green tea users were recruited to begin the research procedure. Over the course of four to five days, this painstaking procedure made sure that only individuals who fit the predetermined criteria were chosen. Multiple levels of consumer profiling were carried out, including information on preferences for green tea, consumption patterns, and demographics.

Target audience

The intended audience consisted of people in SEC A1/A2/B1, ages 25 to 35, who buy and drink green tea on a regular basis, preferably twice a month. The survey included 300 respondents in all, 100 of whom were inhabitants of each city.

Research Methodology: Central Location Testing

To collect thorough consumer input, the research methodology used was Central Location Testing (CLT). A number of factors were covered throughout the tasting sessions, including as the tea bag’s appearance and texture, scent, color, flavor, mouthfeel, and comparison to blends from competitors. A purchase intent assessment was also conducted to determine customer interest.

Analysis and Insights

Our research team carefully examined the data based on the answers received throughout the CLT sessions in order to produce useful insights. The client received useful information from the final research report, such as:
determining which combination of the brand’s produced versions is the best.
A go/no-go choice for every combination.
evaluation of what is good and what needs to be adjusted or improved.


Research on product evaluation is an essential instrument for comprehending customer preferences and optimizing product offerings to satisfy market needs. Our client was able to make wise judgments and maintain an advantage in the highly competitive market landscape by carefully observing and analyzing consumer reactions to their new green tea variations. Success in the ever-changing beverage sector depends on constant innovation and research, as consumer preferences.

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CLT for a Green Tea Brand

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