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About Us: Best Market Research Services in India and Global. Comprehensive quality market research and in-depth data analysis services for the growth of your business

Best Market Research company in India

MarketGenics.co stands itself as one of India’s Top Market Research Companies, known for its innovative use of AI technology. MarketGenics.co provides exceptional insights and strategic solutions by employing modern AI technologies and processes, allowing organizations to make data-driven decisions and maintain a competitive advantage in the market. Their unique approach keeps them at the forefront of the business, creating a standard for excellence in market research.

Unlock actionable insights to drive business growth. Our expert team delivers comprehensive industry reports, competitive intelligence, and custom research tailored to your needs. Experience the power of data-driven growth with our best-in-class data research service.

  • Pioneers in AI-Enabled Market Research

    MarketGenics.co is the first in its field to integrate AI tools and technology into its market research procedures.

  • Comprehensive End to End Market Research

    MarketGenics.co meticulously handles every part of the market research process, from initial data gathering to in-depth data analysis and actionable insights, to provide its clients with important and precise information.

  • Reliable and Trustworthy Partner

    Reliability and trustworthiness are the cornerstones of MarketGenics.co's operations. The company is dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of integrity and accuracy in its research services.

Market Data Research service provider

Enjoy The Best Experience With India's leading Data Research Service Provider

We are one of the top market research companies in India. Over the time, we have used our resources for leveraging technological advances, to accelerate data collection methods with diligent quality, and to deliver comprehensive insightful research reports.  

We are continuously endeavoring in procuring contemporary technologies that would enable us to service our clients in a better way always. A team of experienced market researchers having immense knowledge across industry would help our clients to evaluate their concerns through well-suited research methodology and provide satisfactory solutions through insightful reports.

We are well-versed with market research approaches of Product & Concept testing, Ad testing, Brand tracking, Consumer profiling, Segmentation, U&A etc.

We  provide  predictive  and  forward-looking  market insights  through  quality  and  authentic  data  gathered using  effective  research  methodologies,  ensuring profitability and growth of the client’s business. ❞

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We help you grow your business with

Proper Research Findings & Analysis

The key to gaining a competitive advantage is based on having an in-depth understanding of the target audience, competitors, and the market. This is where MarketGenics provides best data research service.
Our full-fledged market data research services can support you to identify the growth opportunities of your business and help build a competitive strategy on the basis of clear understanding of your customers and the overall marketplace.
The collective expertise, talent and proficiency of our expert market researcher team help us deliver the finest services to our clients across India with unmatched professionalism and efficiency. 
We are end-to-end market data research service providers, from data collection to research report, all are executed through our internal resources, unlike other agencies in the market that depend on others for data collection. This unique feature sets us apart and allows us to offer competitive pricing to our clients. 

Our research solutions

Quantitative and Qualitative studies

observational study

Steps in conducting

Market Research

  1. Understand Client’s requirement
  2. MarketGenics provides a suitable research plan (methodology and sample plan)
  3. Execute data collection and quality checks
  4. Data processing
  5. Data validation and analysis
  6. Final report

End to End
Market Data Research Service

We offer the best Market Data Research Service at the most competitive prices. 

  • Understanding Client Brief
  • Crafting Proposal
  • Preparation of Research Instruments
  • Launching the Data Collection and Field Work 
  • Preparing reports and presenting the key insights to clients

We have comprehensive range of data collection methods, each of these would be chosen/advised by Researcher as per the study requirement. 

  • Qualitative Research: Face to Face (Online & Offline Interviews) 
  • Quantitative Research: CLT | CATI (Multilingual Tele-calling) | CAWI | CAPI | Online/Offline Surveys 
  • MG-Lens – AI tool to gather consumer insights from retail stores
  • Offline Field Surveys: Door to Door | Exit Interviews | Shopper Intercepts | Mystery Shopping | Vox Pop

Over the years we have reached out to 5 lakh people and continue to reach out many. These are our panelists who have been recruited through Face to Face method for conducting research.

With our experience and exposure on various market studies,  we have gathered varied knowledge across some of the important sectors of the markets. These core sectors actually represent the market trends and market growth.  Our research team has worked closely with various industry domains to explore, comprehend, analyze and interpret the ‘consumer speak’ into meaningful insights, which in turn, helps to  provide innovative solutions to marketing problems.
In the following industries our expert researchers have gained immense knowledge about the industry performance.
  •  Automotive
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Infrastructure
  • Consumer products – Non Durables and Durables
  • Health & Pharma
  • Retail 
  • Education
  • E-commerce
  • Travel & Tourism
  • IT

We provide the real facts and figures to help you gain various insights on operating your business through comprehensive research work by our expert panelists. We undertake such perspective studies not only after the launch of your business but also at the ideation stage to guide you on the feasibility of your idea and help you in its full execution..

  • First of its kind a market research company which provides AI-enabled market research services.
  • 100% quality work combined with 100% professionalism, accountability, and on-time delivery
  • Real-time data with our database of more than 2 lakh respondents spread all across the country
  • In-house mobile app for data collection – Market-G
  • Fast and flexible online and offline data collection to gain meaningful insights
  • A team of expert professionals of diverse industry experience to provide a meaningful analysis of market research findings
  • Complete functional solution for your business 
  • Customized research as per client’s requirement
  • Most Competitive prices to our clients

First of its kind a research organization with primary focus on start-ups. Benefits include:

  • Zero cost market research

MG Kawach and MG Radar are two unique products of MarketGenics to provide data focussed market research study in an effective manner. Read More

Our exclusive & specialized products to offer streamline end-to-end market research services to our clients. Read More

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Market Research is the only path that helps connect with customers. It is the potential key that provides solution and helps to cope up with the changing business environment.

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