Primary Research Services - End-to-end project management for all primary research activities

MarketGenics is a full service research company that offers services that give a first-hand report of the consumer and business market. With a team of expert research professionals, we cover a comprehensive range of market related facts and figures that a business may require in its objective of growth. Our company offers services to meet the traditional research requirement, including innovative and out of the box research needs using varied research methodologies and analytics tools.

Primary Research Services

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MarketGenics makes an effective analysis of brand health or equity as a combined effect of the strength of the brand and the connection of the brand with the target audience…READ MORE


Market Research is required not only for new brands but also for previously launched brands, products and services.  READ MORE


MarketGenics Team offers services on Brand Mix Evaluation Research. We help to analyze your brand in terms of market reaction, customer responses….READ MORE


At MarketGenics, we make sure that our research analysis for your business helps you  understand your customers better, gauge your customer feedback …READ MORE


We are involved in offering a thorough research reporting on category mapping, which involves broader case studies incorporating primary research and market intelligence inputs…READ MORE

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