Category Mapping

We are involved in offering a thorough research reporting on category mapping, which involves broader case studies incorporating primary research and market intelligence inputs. Covering a wide spectrum of industries, such comprehensive category reports, help in creating benchmark practices for your business.

What we cover?

Our expert professionals give a comprehensive report on the following for category mapping research:

Overview of the market

You get an overview of the market in terms of size of the market, size of the customer base, trends in the market, future trends etc.

Category Mapping

Trade policies

You also get an idea of trade policies, credit policies, promotional schemes, discount structures, pricing – both retail and operating, and so on.

Competition analysis

Category mapping research also helps you to give an idea about positioning of other brands, assessment of market trends, expectations of other players. This is a relativity simple exercise but can be more in-depth on the basis of your requirements that help you to view your competitors strategically, and then rectify the gaps you have identified to provide a better service.

Customer analysis

Last but not the least, a customer analysis is provided to you in our category mapping exercise. Our team gives a comprehensive report on the expectations of the customers, their feedback, their experiences of your products and services and the services / products delivered by competitors and trade, their brand and price preferences.

How we do?

For category mapping research, we use a combination of various research methodologies. These include mystery customer audit, in-depth interviews of customers, primary consumer research, trade research, case studies, market visits etc.

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