Enhancing Customer Satisfaction
Through NPS Rating
- A Success Study

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction through NPS Rating for India's Leading Battery Swapping Network - A Success Story

Client: One of India’s Largest and Fastest-Growing Battery Swapping Network


The customer, a well-known battery swapping network in North India, wanted to gauge customer satisfaction and pinpoint areas where their service might be improved. They hired Marketgenics India Pvt Ltd to carry out a Net Promoter Score (NPS) Rating for Consumer Satisfaction Study in order to do this. The objective was to gather customers’ input, gauge customer loyalty, and identify areas where the customer experience could be improved.


Sample Size: Over 3,000 respondents from a variety of North Indian areas and demographic groups who were all current Battery Swapping Network users made up the study’s sample.

Data collection: The research firm used a standardized survey questionnaire with the NPS question, which is normally, “On a scale of 0–10, how satisfied are you with our service?  Telecalling method was used to get the responses from the questionnaire. 

Data Analysis: Responses were categorized into three groups based on their NPS ratings:

  • Promoters (rated 9–10): Loyal and incredibly satisfied customers.
  • Passives (rated 7-8): Customers that are moderately satisfied but not steadfastly devoted
  • Detractors (rated 0-6): Customers who are totally unsatisfied.


Primary Findings:

NPS Score: The study’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) was +42, which is a high level of total customer satisfaction and loyalty. Detractors were greatly outnumbered by Promoters, indicating that most clients were satisfied.

Promoters: Promoters (respondents who gave the Battery Swapping Network a score of 9 to 10) expressed both high levels of satisfaction and a desire to promote it to others. Many of them offered helpful criticism, emphasizing the network’s dependability, promptness, and environmentally responsible approach.

Passives: The Passives (respondents score 7-8) expressed a fair amount of satisfaction with the service, but they weren’t as enthusiastic about promoting it. Their comments indicated a desire for small upgrades, like extending the network’s reach and decreasing the price of the battery.

Detractors: Although they were a minority (respondents scored 0–6), detractors’ criticism was crucial. Their unhappiness was mostly caused by service delays, operational issues, increased price, lack of technical help. This group served as a vital source of information for pinpointing areas in need of development.


In conclusion, India’s Leading Battery Swapping Network benefited greatly from the information the NPS Rating for Consumer Satisfaction Study offered. Customers were divided into Promoters, Passives, and Detractors to give the client a complete picture of their clientele. The study emphasized the network’s advantages, exposed its weaknesses, and offered a clear way to raise consumer happiness, ultimately encouraging development and adherence.

If you’re ready to conduct a comprehensive NPS Rating study to know your customers better, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at MarketGenics.co. Let’s embark on a journey to success together. 

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NPS Rating - A Case Study

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