Case Study:
Celebrity Evaluation Research
for a Reputed Food Brand

Client: A reputed Food Brand 

Objective: Assessing the Feasibility of Celebrity Endorsement for Brand Promotion

By taking into account celebrity endorsement, a reputed Food Brand sought to increase its brand visibility and market share in the fiercely competitive food business. Under pressure from its competitors who had effectively employed same tactics, the customer hired to carry out a Celebrity Evaluation Research in order to investigate the feasibility and possible effects of celebrity endorsements and who can be the best celebrity face to endorse the brands, amongst 3 celebrity chefs – Vikas Khanna, Ranveer Brar, Kunal Kapoor


Delhi NCR and Mumbai, key metropolitan areas crucial for the client’s market presence.

Sample Size

100 participants, carefully chosen to reflect the intended market base and demographic.


To acquire in-depth information about consumer attitudes and preferences surrounding celebrity endorsements, an online survey and in-depth interviews were conducted.

Celebrity evaluation research


  • Suitable Celebrity for the brand: The first step in the research was to ascertain how consumers now view the client brand and who amongst the chosen 3 celebrities would be the perfect choice to endorse the client’s brand. Questions about brand awareness, loyalty, and general mood were posed to the participants.
  • Awareness of Celebrity Endorsements: Participants’ awareness and recollection of recent celebrity endorsements in the food sector were examined in this survey. This made it easier to comprehend how successful these kinds of ads are.
  • Consumer Preferences: Participants were asked to list the celebrities that they thought would be most likable and trustworthy to promote food products. Information was gathered about variables like relevancy, popularity, and age.
  • Impact on Purchase Intent: Participants were questioned about how celebrity endorsements affected their purchase decisions during in-depth interviews. This gave important information on the possible effects on sales and brand loyalty.
  • Perceived Authenticity: Participants were asked if they thought it was genuine when famous people endorsed food brands. Determining if celebrity collaborations will align with the brand’s identity required an understanding of this element.
  • Regional Variances: The study compared responses from Delhi NCR and Mumbai, accounting for regional differences and offering a localized viewpoint on the efficacy of celebrity endorsements.
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In summary, the client’s Brand was provided with a comprehensive comprehension of the possible advantages and difficulties linked to celebrity endorsements by’s Celebrity Evaluation Research. The results provide practical advice on how to choose the best celebrities, create genuine advertising, and comprehend customer expectations. Equipped with this information, this Food Brand decided with confidence the celebrity who would  endorse their products, giving it a competitive advantage in the ever-changing food sector.

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