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MG – Drishyam (Mystery audit services)

We are experts in mystery shopping or mystery audits because our auditors carry out evaluations in a very discreet manner.


MG-Drishyam is our product for mystery shopping/audit services. We provide a true and unbiased account of the customer experience. We have deployed Mystery Shopping audits with many leading brands of various industry domains.

Mystery Shopping

How we help?

MarketGenics’ researchers cum auditors are thoroughly trained. They follow all Standard operating procedures of the client, including the Mystery Audit checklist. We make sure our experts spend considerable time in the outlet so as to gather complete insights on each item of the checklist. In order to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of the audits, we also use an application MG-Lens. Our cutting edge technology platform enables real-time data capturing through mobile app and ensures authenticity of  data. We also follow a two-tier quality check process in place, where 100% quality checks are maintained.


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Our mystery audit programs are designed to assess real-time experience of a customer in a store or any other locations as per requirement.

A Complete End to End project


Hybrid - Both Quant & Qual Study
Respondents as per requirement
Locations as per requirement
Both Audit & Survey
Data Analysis & Reporting
Completion Time: Best Turnaround Time

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