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Central location Testing Services- Premium Qualitative Services

Assuring accurate and trustworthy insights into user-behaviour with our premium central location testing services

Clt Liquor

Central location Testing


MarketGenics CLT Process for Alcohol Blend Testing

CLT Services

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Why us?

✔We recruit the right sample of participants.

✔We ensure that quality participants are recruited for our best qualitative central testing services.

✔WE implement a unique numbering system that allows us to easily keep track of the identity, payment, and seating arrangements of each participant.

✔We have a network of tried and tested venues in multiple markets, where all protocols are followed

✔There is a trained team to ask the questions and monitor responses

✔Avoid bias and do not steer the participants in a certain direction.

✔We present an unbiased report based on the respondents’ “raw” feedback.

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