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MG Radar

Market Research Services to Strategize Business in the Right Direction

MG RADAR is our dedicated market research services for the corporate world, the SMEs and the big industries. Our market research services are tailored to the unique dynamics of your business.

We have different PRICING plans for an effective market study. 

Qualitative & Quantitative Research

  • Customer interviews
  • Competitive analysis
  • Full-service survey design & management
  • Market opportunity assessments

All types of Research Services

Data Collection Methods

  • CLT | CATI (Multilingual Tele-calling) | CAWI | CAPI | Online/Offline Surveys

  • Door to Door | Exit Interviews | Shopper Intercepts | Mystery Shopping | Vox Pop

Real Time Insights


  • Completion time 4 weeks
  • PAN INDIA coverage - all tier cities
  • Final analysis & Reporting


MG Radar

How we help?

We are end-to-end service providers, from data collection to research report, all are executed through our internal resources, unlike other agencies in the market that depend on others for data collection. This unique feature sets us apart and allows us to offer competitive pricing to our clients. 

Our MG-KAWACH will help businesses in the following ways:

  • Perform in-depth research and reporting into a variety of markets.
  • We analyze market activity to provide businesses with custom market insight and new perspectives into their own marketing campaigns.
  • Insights are showcased via PPT reports, and infographics.
  • Market research providers typically incentivize a consumer panel of market research participants to help gain market-related insights.
  • Provide custom market research
  • Helps Businesses to gain competitive knowledge, obtain relevant market research reports, and obtain a general understanding of their market.

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Planning to start a business. Let us help you out. Market Research is the only path that helps connect with customers. It is the potential key that provides solution and helps to cope up with the changing business environment.

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