Central Location Testing : A quantitative market research approach

in which research takes place in a specific, controlled environment…

We have conducted following researches using Central location tests:

  • Product test
  • Packaging test
  • Sensory testing
  • Concept test

Types of CLT Methods that We Use

There are many different types of central location testing CLT methods that can be applied to gain valuable actionable insights. We use the following or as per client’s requirement

Monadic Test

Each respondent focuses on just one product. The objective is to determine if that product will be accepted by consumers when introduced in the marketplace.

Paired Comparison

Each respondent is shown two products at the same time, and asked to compare them based on a set of standardized criteria to get relative rankings.

CLT Services

Sequential-Monadic Test

Each respondent assesses two products separately and then re-evaluates them together to generate relative rankings.

Central Location Testing End to End Research

Neuro Sensory CLT

The use of neuroscience tools to study consumer behavior and the decision making process

Repeat Paired Comparison Test

Respondents compare the same products two or more times to increase the confidence that feedback was not random, or based on initial impressions

CLT for Liquor - Methodology

CLT infographic

Some Snapshots of CLT

CLT for a Green Tea Brand

CLT Vodka study

Vodka Study CLT

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We implement high quality and quick services to let the clients know the feedback about the new or modified product launch, concept checking, designs and efficacy of the product  through our CLT research.  

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