Why Us

Gain meaningful consumer insights

With its unmatched market research services that use cutting-edge analytics and industry knowledge to deliver useful insights, MarketGenics.co distinguishes out from the competition. 

MarketGenics.co is dedicated to accuracy and creativity, enabling businesses to stay ahead, make well-informed decisions, and navigate the ever-changing market environment.

Why Us

What makes us different?

Ready-to-participate respondents

MarketGenics is an online platform where a ready-to-use database of more than 5-lakh registered users are available for research works.

Reat-time Respondents

Pan India Coverage

Spanning all across the country, our registered users are the actual consumers of various products and services.  We have with us people of different backgrounds, in terms of age, gender, profession, demography.

PAN India coverage with respondents of different profiles

In-House App Market-G

We have our in-house survey App - Market-G, which makes our data collection process all the more easier all across the country

Market-G: Mobile Survey App

Expert Team

Our team of seasoned market researchers combines industry expertise with a passion for innovation. From primary research to competitive analysis, MarketGenics.co ensures that your business benefits from the collective knowledge and experience of our skilled professionals

We help businesses smoothen their business processes and achieve their goals and growth

Reward opportunity for all

The best part is that we provide an opportunity to our respondents to earn some rewards by being a part of these survey works.

Reward opportunity for all

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Actionable Recommendation

In addition to data, MarketGenics.co offers recommendations that can be put into practice. Our reports are intended to direct your company toward workable, realistic tactics that propel success in the marketplace.

Actionable Recommendation

Data Quality

Quality Data Report

We are end-to-end service providers, from data collection to research report, all are executed through our internal resources, unlike other agencies in the market that depend on others for data collection. This unique feature sets us apart and allows us to offer competitive pricing to our clients. With so many competitors in the market research sector who claim to provide the best research services, we stand ourselves to be unique from others in various aspects…

Real consumers with authentic data reports

All research works that we carry out, be it through in-depth interviews, tele-calling, focus group discussions or online surveys, are the voice of consumers who give their feedback in true sense as they are the consumers of that product or service for which we undertake the research work. Hence, our analysis is always correct and true, based on real-time feedback


To Sum Up

Comprising an experienced team of professional researchers, we deliver high-quality services in end-to-end market research operations.  As the best research company in India and a leading market researcher, we assure 100% accuracy in data collection and visualization for an effective market study that gives valuable insights for your  business promotion and growth.

  • Strategic Insights: MarketGenics.co provides thorough market research services together with strategic insights that help companies spot opportunities, reduce risks, and make wise decisions for long-term success.
  • Customized Approach: Each client’s specific needs are taken into account when designing our market research services. Our research methodology are specifically designed to connect with your industry, target audience, and business objectives, guaranteeing accuracy and relevance.
  • Cutting-edge Technology: MarketGenics.co goes above and beyond traditional ways by delivering clients a competitive edge through advanced data analysis and interpretation. It does this by utilizing the newest technology and analytical tools.
  • Global View: By adopting a global viewpoint, MarketGenics.co is able to leverage global market dynamics and trends, giving its clients a thorough grasp of their sector globally, which helps them make decisions on market entry and expansion plans.

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Market Research is the only path that helps connect with customers. It is the potential key that provides solution and helps to cope up with the changing business environment.

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