B2B and B2C Research

Specialized and dedicated research team of MarketGenics, offers full-fledged market research to help clients in making a strategic decision in B2B & Industrial markets, including B2C.

We have the knowledge, experiences, resources, network, and tools to ensure the research process is efficient and controlled carefully. Adopting methods like as telephone, web and email surveys, in-person interviews, focus groups, we ensure that our clients get an effective analysis and impact on demand and brand perception in both B2b and B2C research.

B2B and B2C Research


What we do?

Understanding Markets

Market Entry and Sizing

Competitor Mapping

Understanding Customers

Market Segmentation

Customer Profiling

Brand & Communications

Brand Health

Brand Mix Development

Brand Mix Evaluation

Corporate Image

Communication Effectiveness

Customer Management

Understand your customers

Gauge your customer feedback

Customer journey

New Customers

Stakeholders & Customers Satisfaction

Product Test

Concept test

New Product Development

Attributes Test

Feasibility Research

Similar Product Study



For all your research needs, get in touch with us at info@marketgenics.co. You can also send your query here