Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market Research

An effective way of conducting market research using AI technology for the consumer goods industry – be it for e-commerce or retail

MG lens Artificial Intelligence

Changing the Market Research Scenario in the Consumer Goods Industry

We are an end-to-end market research company that specializes in

developing high-performance AI-based vision research solutions via SaaS
platform for consumer goods and other industries.

The objective is to offer actionable insights of your retail store or your e-commerce store and minimize ad-hoc based human interventions

How MG-Lens Helps ?

Conducting Retail Stores' Shelves Monitoring

Whether it is planogram compliance or asset management, tracking products in shelves and their purchasing pattern in a retail store is always a challenge.

How MG-LENS helps?

  • MG-LENS App helps to manage and inspect  merchandiser productivity by live tracking.
  • MG-LENS enables businesses to  manage their POS inventory
  • Using MG-Lens, challenges of availability and visibility by regularly auditing the stores can be overcome.
  • The key audit parameters of execution can be feed into the MG-LENS app and the audited data can be seen at the backend seamlessly at regular intervals.
  • Seamless reporting is available at the back end.
MG Lens Shelfs Monitoring

Conducting E-commerce Site Monitoring

Get real-time insights into how customers interact with your product/service on an e-commerce site.

How MG-LENS helps?

  • Using MG-LENS App, experience e-commerce analytics at its best.
  • The use of MG-LENS in online shopping helps in predicting shopping patterns, customer behaviour based on the products that buyers buy. 
  • MG-LENS also helps to track when customers buy, from which locations, how much time spent on each category.
  • Monitor your e-commerce site’s performance and page speed
  • MG-LENS provides an intelligent visual recognition, visual search functions for for eCommerce
E-Commerce Monitoring

Advertisements/Brand logo Monitoring on TV/OTT platforms

Get real-time data of advertisements/brand logos from live streaming of matches , serials , movies etc

How MG-LENS helps?

  • MG-LENs as an AI tool can analyze video streams and detect objects, including advertisements or brand logos.
  • It uses image recognition algorithms to identify and track specific elements within a video.
  • It uses object recognition and image processing algorithms, to detect and track advertisements or brand logos within the video stream.
  • Monitor & analyze the mentions of your brand. 
  • It helps to get real-time insights into the display of advertisements or brand logos during live streaming, maybe a match shown on TV or any webseries or movies shown on any OTT platforms. 
MG-Lens Advertisements Monitoring

Market Research Analysis Using MG-LENS

Our Market Research Analysist can provide actionable insights based on the report by MG-LENS which can help in further changing of placements of products.

With proper shelf monitoring by MG-LENS, our research findings provide retailers an opportunity to make smarter decisions about sales, marketing, staffing, security and many more. 

You can also monitor & analyze The Mentions Of Your Brand on live streaming

Our research analysts will enable you to understand trends and take informed decisions based on the MG-Lens’ readings.

Our research analysts know just the right way to represent the insights for proper hypothesis and effective business solutions

Benefits of MG-LENS

  • Instantaneous Analysis
  • Create customer-centric search
  • Track Customizable KPIs
  • Easy Installment & On-boarding
  • Retarget potential customers
  • Identify exceptional target prospects
  • Detailed In-store Data
  • Detailed data on brand mentions on live streaming
  • Create a more efficient sales process
  • Create a new level of personalisation across multiple devices
  • Empower store workers
  • Improve recommendations for customer
  • Generate sales through wearable technology
  • Localize the customer experience

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