Unveiling Ad Recall of a health & nutrition brand:
CATI Quantitative Study

Unveiling Ad Recall of a health & nutrition brand among IPL viewers: CATI Quantitative Study - A MarketGenics Success Story

Through creative advertising campaigns, firms aim to leave a lasting impression in the ever-evolving field of health and nutrition. A well-known health and nutrition company recently hired MarketGenics to evaluate how well viewers of the Indian Premier League remembered one of their commercials. The purpose of this study was to find out what these viewers recalled about the ads and logos used in the advertising, as well as to find out which other health and immunity brands caught their attention throughout the IPL matches.

Ad recall of a health & nutrition brand - CATI Study

Research Objective

This research’s main goal was to initiate a quantitative study to assess how well IPL viewers remembered commercials for a health and nutrition brand. The study’s specific objectives were to:

  • Recognize the advertising that spectators of the Indian Premier League recall seeing during the game.
  • Evaluate the recall of the health and nutrition brand’s advertising creatives, such as logos and ads.
  • Find out which additional immunity and health products the audience remembered from the IPL matches.

Target Audience

The target audience for this study was defined as follows:

  • Social Media Users: Respondents were required to be active users of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.
  • IPL Viewers: Only those who regularly watched IPL matches were included.
  • Gender: Male (75%) and Female (30%).
  • Age Group: 13 to 55 years, with equal representation across this age range.
  • Location: Respondents were selected from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore.
  • Sample Size: 50 respondents from each location, totaling 200 respondents.
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Research Methodology

We used the Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) approach for this study. We were able to effectively collect data from a geographically scattered and diversified population by using this quantitative approach.

The Work Process

Tele-callers stationed at the designated sites were coordinated with by the MarketGenics team. They received the required technical assistance along with an organized script and questionnaire. This made the data collection method reliable and consistent.

The Success Story of MarketGenics

In a record two days, MarketGenics successfully finished the entire survey, encompassing 200 respondents in accordance with the client’s requests. Some of the main reasons for our success are:

Efficiency: The survey was completed on time and with great speed.
Accuracy: Our staff, working with the client, double-checked the data on 80% of the responders to make sure it was legitimate.


MarketGenics has proven that it is capable of carrying out intricate and time-sensitive research assignments. Our capacity to effectively collect precise data and fulfill customer demands establishes us as a dependable collaborator for market research undertakings. MarketGenics is prepared to provide meaningful and useful data, whether the task at hand is evaluating ad recall among IPL viewers or deciphering consumer behavior for a health and nutrition brand.

Our team’s knowledge and thorough research methodology allow us to assist brands in reaching their marketing objectives and optimizing their advertising tactics. To realize the full potential of your market research projects, get in touch with MarketGenics right now.

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