A Qualitative Analysis
of a Prestigious
Cosmetic Sub-Brand


Knowing the customer experience is critical for brands to succeed in the always changing beauty and skincare market. To address this demand, Team MarketGenics set out to do a qualitative research for a well-known cosmetic sub-brand. This blog shares our conclusions and observations from an extensive market research study, illuminating the attitudes, standards of quality, and positioning of the sub-brand’s merchandise.


Our qualitative research project’s main goal was to gain a thorough understanding of how users interact with the wide variety of skin care, hair care, bath and body, and fragrance goods that the premium cosmetic sub-brand offers.

Target Audience

To achieve this objective, we sought to connect with users of the sub-brand across three key locations: Delhi, Noida, and Gurugram. Our focus was on females aged 18 to 55 years, ensuring a comprehensive representation of the target demographic. With a total of 24 respondents, comprising 8 individuals from each location, we aimed to capture diverse perspectives within a one-week timeframe, from interview to final report submission.

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Success Story

 We met the client’s requirements with accuracy and efficiency, effectively completing the assignment despite the short deadline. Every respondent’s comment was carefully recorded, which gave us important information about how they felt about the sub-brand’s offerings. Team MarketGenics was completely involved in every step of the study process, from selecting respondents to creating the questionnaire, moderating it, transcribing it, and creating the final market research report.


Our experts carried out a comprehensive competition mapping exercise by thoroughly analyzing the received responses. This entailed evaluating consumer attitudes toward the sub-brand’s merchandise, comparing quality to industry norms, and closely examining brand positioning tactics. The analysis’s conclusion produced a thorough report with doable suggestions for improving the sub-brand’s market presence and customer happiness.

To Sum Up

To sum up, our qualitative investigation into the universe of the esteemed cosmetic sub-brand revealed important information that is essential for strategic planning and well-informed decision-making. Through a comprehensive comprehension of user experience, feelings, and market dynamics, brands can adeptly navigate the competitive landscape, guaranteeing long-term success and enduring customer devotion.

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