Unlocking Consumer Insights:
Concept Testing for a
Leading Refrigerator Brand

Concept Test for a Reputed Refrigerator Brand

In the competitive landscape of the appliance market, staying ahead requires more than just innovative design and functionality. Understanding consumer preferences and responses to new concepts is crucial for any brand striving to maintain its edge. A reputed refrigerator brand, let’s call them XXXX, embarked on a journey to validate their latest concepts in the market. To achieve this, they apporached MarketGenics India Pvt Ltd, the best market research company in India, to conduct a comprehensive study.

Key Objective: Assessing Concept Appeal

The primary aim of this research endeavor was to gauge the appeal and preferences among the target audience for five distinct concepts developed by XXXX. MarketGenics India Pvt Ltd spearheaded this initiative to delve deep into consumer perceptions.

Target Audience: Who We Engaged With

The selected demographic for this study comprised individuals aged between 28 to 40 years, residing in key urban hubs including Delhi, Gurugram, Bangalore, and Chennai. These were predominantly working professionals, both male and female, who held decision-making authority in household purchases.

Methodology: Focused Group Discussions

To accomplish the research goals, a methodology centered around focused group discussions was employed. Here’s how the process unfolded:

Pre-Screening of Respondents

Before the discussions commenced, a meticulous screening process was undertaken to ensure that the chosen respondents aligned with the client’s specified criteria. This step was imperative to gather insights from individuals who accurately represented the target market.

Facilitated Discussions

Led by experienced moderators and interviewers, each focused group discussion comprised eight carefully selected respondents. Additionally, a representative from XXXX’s team was present to witness firsthand the discourse surrounding their concepts. These discussions spanned a duration of one hour each, providing ample time to delve into the nuances of each concept.

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In-Depth Exploration

During the discussions, every concept was thoroughly explored, with participants sharing their spontaneous reactions, overall likability, perceived uniqueness, relevance, and willingness to consider the product presented in the concept. Both positive and negative viewpoints were welcomed, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of consumer sentiments.

Consolidating Insights

Following the conclusion of all discussions, the research team meticulously compiled the findings, encapsulating the diverse perspectives and feedback shared by the respondents. These insights were then distilled into a comprehensive report, ready to be presented to XXXX.

Conclusion: Empowering Brands with Consumer Insights

In today’s dynamic marketplace, the ability to anticipate consumer preferences and adapt accordingly is paramount. Through focused group discussions conducted by MarketGenics, XXXX gained valuable insights into the viability and consumer appeal of their refrigerator concepts. Armed with these insights, they are poised to refine their offerings and stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of appliances.

In conclusion, concept testing serves as a cornerstone in the product development journey, allowing brands to validate their ideas, refine their strategies, and ultimately, resonate with their target audience. As XXXX continues to innovate and elevate their offerings, the collaborative efforts with MarketGenics underscore their commitment to consumer-centricity and excellence in the realm of refrigeration.


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