Pre and Post Campaign
Evaluation Study:
Insights and Success

Pre and Post Campaign Evaluation Study: Insights and Success

Project Overview

Project Overview
Campaign evaluation is a critical component in understanding the effectiveness of marketing operations. This study sought to assess a campaign in two phases: pre-campaign and post-campaign. This allowed the client to assess the performance of their promotional activities and make data-driven decisions about future initiatives.

The Target Group (TG) Criteria

The study focused on a specific target group with the following characteristics:

  • Gender: Both males and females
  • Age: 18 to 60 years
  • NCCS: A (New Consumer Classification System)
  • Product Buyers: Individuals who have purchased fans, water heaters, air coolers, or kitchen appliances (fridge, mixie, blender, microwave, toaster, oven) in the last year

Research Methodology

The quantitative study approach known as CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interview) was used in the investigation.

What is CAWI?

CAWI entails conducting surveys using a web-based interface. Respondents are given a link to a questionnaire, which they complete online. The responses are immediately saved, providing data for a thorough market study.

MarketGenics’ Success Story

MarketGenics successfully completed the data collection in just two days. The team used its network of respondents in four major cities: Chandigarh, Kochi, Guwahati, and Vijayawada. A total of 220 respondents participated in the study, giving useful information for the study.

Execution and Results

Pre and Post Campaign Evaluation Study- Insights and Success​

Pre-campaign Evaluation

Prior to the ad launch, baseline data on the target group’s attitudes, preferences, and purchasing behaviors were collected. This phase assisted in assessing the current market landscape and establishing a baseline for post-campaign analysis.

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Post-Campaign Evaluation

Following the campaign, a post-campaign evaluation was carried out to determine changes in the target group’s views and actions. This phase attempted to evaluate the campaign’s efficacy by identifying what worked well and where it could be improved.


MarketGenics’ pre and post-campaign evaluation study provided the client with important insights into the campaign’s impact. The CAWI methodology ensured quick data collection and analysis, allowing the customer to make more informed decisions about future marketing tactics.

MarketGenics’ capacity to quickly mobilize its staff and collect reliable data from various places demonstrates its commitment to providing high-quality market research services. This study demonstrates MarketGenics’ competence in conducting comprehensive and efficient campaign assessments, which assist firms in optimizing their marketing efforts and achieving their objectives.

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