What is CAWI?
Advantages and Disadvantages?

Exploring CAWI: A Key Method in Market Research

Computer Assisted Web Interviewing (CAWI) is an essential method in market research for obtaining comprehensive information from participants. This approach entails the use of online surveys to gather data that supports thorough market analysis. Let’s examine the CAWI market research methodology in more detail.

What is CAWI?

CAWI stands for Computer Assisted Web Interviewing. This is a method where an online questionnaire or a web page is provided to the respondent. The questionnaire can ve designed in a multi media format too, like any other wepage and helps the respondent to get a brief understanding about the product or service he/she is questioned about.

The process

In this Internet surveying technique, the interviewer follows a script provided in a webpage. The questionnaires include text content, pictures, audio and video clips, including links to other web pages, etc. The program is made in such a way that the flow of the questions is based on the answers provided, and as per the information known about the participant.

Advantages of CAWI

  • The answers obtained from the survey are immediately forwarded to the main server, This helps in tracking data and the results continuosly.
  • The CAWI research surveys are designed in such a way that they are self-direction which results in moving the respondent through previous questions depending on their answers.
  • The answer are collected and stored electronically during the interview. This ensures secured realistic data.
  • There are no data input costs in CAWI
  • There is reduced collection time and absolutely no input time. Hence,quick surveys can take place.
  • Data acquired is realistic with targeting a specific group of people like the working population or ones who surf the net.
  • It’s considered to be an inexpensive way of surveying since you don’t need to use people to hold surveys unlike Computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI)
  • Questions are easily comprehensible and can also be displayed with pull-down menus, check boxes, pop-up menus, help screens, sub menus, including audios and videos
  • The CAWI method is comparatively cheaper to administer, as there are no costs involved with purchasing paper or other materials for printing.
  • The time for analysis is subsequently reduced.
    It is easier to correct errors on an online questionnaire
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  • There is limited response rate as not everyone has access to the Internet, .
  • Many people are not always eager to completing questionnaires online.
  • Studies indicate that the demographic that responds to online questionnaire invitations are generally biased to younger people.


CAWI is an effective market research instrument that has many benefits in terms of cost, effectiveness, and data quality. Because it can produce fast, safe, and accurate data, many researchers still favor it in spite of these drawbacks. MarketGenics.co stands out as the top option for companies wishing to take advantage of the greatest market research methodologies, guaranteeing top-notch outcomes through creative and practical approaches like CAWI.

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