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Benefits of CATI in Market Research

There are different ways to carry out market research. One of the most commonly and effective ways of doing market research and consumer surveys is CATI. CATI is a successful example of how technology is improving the way we conduct market research in today’s time. With CATI, you get accurate and high quality data in a short frame of time. CATI is definitely a smart requirement to your organization’s research toolkit.

Let’s know more about CATI and its benefits:

What is CATI ?

CATI stands for “computer-assisted telephone interviewing,”. Today, it is one of the most efficient methods of doing surveys and has replaced the modern telephone-based survey methods. It is a process of doing research in which an interviewer reads a questionnaire available on a computer screen, and the answers of the respondents are entered as they go.

With a CATI approach, interviewers use a telephone to contact the respondents, and get the answers as per the questions visible on the screen. In CATI surveys, trained interviewers are required to question respondents via a computer-generated script. Each respondent’s answer is entered into a computerized system directly.

Benefits of CATI

Why CATI is more preferred than a normal telephonic interview?

  • The main benefit of CATI research is its accuracy, as the software will automatically provide the best possible results for your survey by analyzing the patterns. It gives you rich and insightful data.
  • You get all responses of the questionnaire. Almost all questions are asked to respondents using the computerized script. There are no chances of skipping questions or influencing respondents in some way or the other way.
  • There is no scope of human error as the data is entered automatically in the system and there is no manual entry.
  • CATI research is particularly effective when conducting research on a wider scale by connecting with respondents who do not have computer access but have a phone.
  • CATI surveys save time as data is entered directly into the survey database and the data inputs are in a structured format. It saves the time of additional data processing like transcription, data entry and coding. This also reduces cost and errors.
  • The interviewing process is much quicker. The data is entered in the way it is obtained
  • Live reporting of data is possible in CATI survey.
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