Liquor Testing of a Reputed Brand:
A Central Location Testing

CLT - Central location Testing - Liquor Testing


MarketGenics conducted a fascinating project involving the taste testing of two types of alcohol for a well-known brand. The study, which used Central Location Testing (CLT), attempted to acquire genuine consumer input regarding each blend.

What Is the Study All About?

The primary goal of this survey was simple yet critical: have respondents taste two different types of alcohol blends and provide feedback on each combination separately. This procedure was rigorously constructed to verify that the input was authentic and not influenced by external forces.

Liquour testing of a reputed brand

The Work Process

To ensure that the replies were accurate, the survey followed a standardized process:

  • Serving the Drinks: Respondents were offered the drinks with water.
  • Neutralizing: To cleanse their palates, respondents consumed neutralizers in between tasting the two goods.
    Respondents were instructed to consume a few sips of the product before answering any questions.
    Sequential Questioning: The questioning for Product 1 was completed prior to introducing the next product.

Our interviewers walked the respondents through the tasting process, making sure they sampled the product thoroughly before requesting input on various qualities.

Research Methodology: Central Location Testing (CLT)

Central Location Testing (CLT) is a powerful research approach in which consumers are invited to a central location to participate in product trials. This technique enables controlled conditions and ensures that input is captured in real time, offering significant insights into customer preferences.

For this study, we chose a luxury hotel in Jaipur as the testing location.

MarketGenics’ Success Story.

MarketGenics completed this comprehensive survey in record speed of four hours. The study had 40 participants and was conducted by two competent interviewers from our research team. Our strategy was efficient and effective, allowing us to collect high-quality data quickly while meeting the client’s goals and expectations.

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The liquor testing research conducted by MarketGenics demonstrates our experience in Central Location testing. Our systematic approach and rapid execution highlight our capacity to provide precise and actionable insights to our clients. If you want to understand consumer preferences and improve your products, MarketGenics is the right partner for dependable and powerful market research.

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We believe that this blog post conveys the thorough methodology and successful execution of MarketGenics’ liquor testing study. Our dedication to producing high-quality research is obvious in every assignment we tackle.

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