Research type – CLT (Central location testing)

central location testing

CLT - Central location Testing - Liquor Testing

  • Name of the study  – Liquor testing of a reputed brand
  • Research type – CLT (Central location testing)

What is the survey all about?

The respondents had to taste 2 varieties of alcohol and give their feedback on each blend individually.

The work process:

  1. Give the drinks to respondents with water or soda
  2. The subject must consume neutralizers between consumption of 2 products
  3. The subject must consume the product at least a few sips before starting the questioning
  4. The questioning of product 1 should be over before giving the next product

Our interviewer first asked the respondent to taste the product and after tasting the product, the interviewer asked few questions about the product tasted and his feedback on the product’s attributes. 


This type of research work is referred as Central location testing (CLT).

Central Location Test (CLT) is one in which the research is conducted in a location where consumers/respondents would be recruited to participate in a research product and the research would be conducted and completed at that time.

central location testing

CLTs are conducted in various settings, including hotels, malls, churches, testing labs, schools, eateries, community settings, and more. 

Our research was conducted in a premier hotel in Jaipur. 



This entire survey work was completed in record 4-hours time in Jaipur, involving 40 respondents with 2 interviewers from MarketGenics Research Team.