Qualitative and Quantitative Methods

  • The perspective of end-users for a particular type of women’s undergarments
  • Research Methodology: KAP, Qualitative and Quantitative Methods


Key objective of this research is to do KAP (Knowledge, Attitude and Practices) mapping for TRAINER BRA & BRALET categories from the perspective of end-users

Respondents’ criteria

Respondents should be both influencers & retailers.

  • For trainer bra, the team should connect with females in the pre-teen age, 9-15 years.
  • For bralets, the females should be in the age group of 15 to 30 years.
  • Therefore, overall listings with age band 9 to 30 years, with both segments to be represented
  • For retail outlets, the client wanted us to connect with MBO and NCS outlets which have trainer bras / bralets in stock

Sample Size and Centers:

  • The client wanted us to cover 500 respondents from 4 major cities Delhi, Mumbai, Nagpur and Coimbatore
  • For depth interviews, the client wanted the opinions of 40 respondents each from all these 4 centers (Bralets – 20, Trainer Bras – 20)
  • The retail audit requirement was 60 stores in these locations, along with the shop’s picture and its products.

Research Methodology:

We adopted KAP research methodology. The survey work was completed in three modules.

  • Module 1Quantitative listings exercise. In which a questionnaire was prepared. Our team started initially by telecalling varied numbers and only when they agreed and matched with the client’s criteria, we shared the online questionnaire with them
  • Module 2 –
    • Qualitative research to be done as depth interviews(DIs). In the second phase, we had fix up a prior appointment with our respondents to give their exclusive time for an indepth interview.
    • Home audit of bras / bralets / trainer bras. This also required a video display of the respondent’s wardrobe
    • All interviews with minor girls were done with permission of and in presence of their mothers
  • Module 3 – Retail Audit. Our sales team at the 4 locations got this task done. The team visited some of the local and branded retail stores, took the photographs of the stores, along with the product pictures of trainer bras and bralets with price tags.


A (KAP) (Knowledge, Attitude and Practices) survey is a quantitative method of survey in which there is a set of predefined questions formatted in a standardized questionnaire. The responses filled in provide access to quantitative and qualitative information. A KAP survey essentially records an “opinion” and is based on the “statements” made by the respondents. In other words, the KAP survey reveals what was said and accordingly a market report is prepared on users’ opinions,


We were given a week’s time to complete this project. While connecting with 500 respondents and getting the responses in the online questionnaire was comparatively easy, the problem was more on the depth interviews of the respondents. Many of them were not willing to take part in the interview, many did not prefer to show their wardrobe. It was a time-consuming affair to convince the respondents to take part in the interview. But, our team was efficient enough to connect with the right target audience and could fulfill the requirement of the client. We took 10 days to complete the project instead of 7 days and the end result was completely up to the client’s satisfaction.

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