CATI -Quantitative study
for a Health & Nutrition Brand

  • Project for a health and nutrition brand
  • Research type: CATI -Quantitative study


To launch a quantitative study for a health & nutrition brand. To understand what IPL viewers remember about advertisements after watching IPL matches. What do they recall about the advertising creatives of a health and nutrition brand  (including logo, commercials) that they had seen during the match? Also, to recall all the immunity and health brands that they had seen/recollect during IPL matches

Target Audience

Respondents MUST BE  SOCIAL MEDIA USER of any of  Facebook / Instagram / Twitter/LinkedIn  and viewers of IPL matches                   

  • Gender – Male [75%] & Female [ 30%] 
  • Age Group – 13 to 55 years – equal representation across age
  • Location: Delhi Mumbai Chennai Bangalore               
  • Sample size :  50 for each location                            
  • Total sample size: 200
  • Timeline : 2 days

Research Methodology

We adopted CATI -Quantitative study methodology for this project.

The Work process

MarketGenics Team used the help of  tele-callers based in the locations as mentioned above. The questionnaire/script was provided to them with the necessary technical guidance.

MarketGenics Success Story

The entire survey was completed in record 2-days time, covering 200 respondents. Plus, all necessary requirements by the client were fulfilled. 80% of the respondents were back-checked by our team in collaboration with the client. Genuine IPL viewers, as required for the study, were interviewed.

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