Chocolate Tasting:
In-depth Interview Method

  • Name: Chocolates Tasting Survey
  • Research Method: Face to face interview research method

Objective of the project

The objective of the project is to taste 4 variants of chocolates, out of which one is a new variant. The respondents who participated in this survey needed to give an honest feedback of all the 4 variants. The idea was to find out whether the new variant of the chocolate had received a good feedback or not before its launch.

Target Audience criteria

  • Socio economic class- A
  • Age – 13-35 yrs
  • Current Consumers of the client’s brand (50%) and other brand consumers (50%)
  • Total number of respondents required 150
  • Locations: Hyderabad and Pune
  • Gender: Both Males and Females

Research Method

We adopted face-to-face/in-depth interview method for this particular project. Our team leaders based in Pune and Hyderabad did a wonderful job of selecting the right respondents to participate in the interview. Each respondent was given few sample packets of the client’s chocolates, including other chocolate brands for tasting purposes, prior to the interview. After the tasting round, the respondents were asked questions related to the chocolate brand. The questionnaire was prepared by us. Face to face interview was conducted with the respondents on Zoom and all responses were noted down. All the responses were compiled and a final response report was handed over to the client. This project was completed in 5-days’ time.

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