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  • Name: Download a Medical App
  • Methodology: Tele calling

Project Details

Finding difficultly in reaching hospitals? Don’t worry.  Download XXXX app and  consult doctors online from your place. Order medicines and book lab test and get delivered at your place.

Due to Covid pandemic, a reputed health group had launched a 24-hour medical app for patients’ convenience.

The objective of this project was to influence people to download the app on their android / apple phones. The timeline given to complete this project was 1 month.


  • Applicable on installations done in India Only.
  • App count will only include those done by capturing the correct referral code allotted.
  • App should not be uninstalled for a min period of 15 days.
  • Final count to be considered as given by the principal.
  • Installation of the App to happen only once on a single phone, uninstalling and reinstalling will not be counted.

Methodology Applied: Tele Calling

We adopted the tele-calling method for this research project.

MarketGenics Success Story

We had to cover 50,000 respondents PAN India, which was a huge number. Our research core team in the first phase gave training to our telecallers on the process of downloading the app as per the links shared by the client and how to use the referral code. Next, was to find the list of people who were actually convinced to download the app. Genuine contact details of respondents Pan India were collected. Our team called each of the respondents to explain the importance of the App and how to download it on their phone.

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Needless to say, our team did a wonderful job in finding the list of interested respondents through their own connections as well as others’ references. The app was downloaded with the correct referral code.


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