Blend Test for a New Blend
Vs Key Competition

  • Name:  Blend Test for a New Blend
  • Methodology: CLT along with Monadic Sequential (Blind form without exposing the brand name)

End to end research project

The project was taken up for a reputed alcohol company, which is launching a new alcohol blend in the market. Prior to the launch, the client wanted to know the nature of competition of this new blend versus two other regular popular blends like Royal Stag, All seasons. MarketGenics team was involved in a complete end-to-end research for this project – right from data collection to final analysis and report


  • Blend test for a new blend versus its competitors
  • Locations: Delhi, Noida, Gurugram
  • Total respondents: 60 from each location
  • Age: 20 years to 50 years
  • Time line: 5 days; 3 days- 1 day each for data collection and 2 days for final analysis and reporting

Methodology and Success Story

The project was carried out in the peak time of Covid, Ramjan and Navratri –  12th, 14th and 16th April, 2021.

We adopted Central Location Testing Research Methodology for getting the true reviews from respondents on the three dates mentioned above. While doing CLT, we adopted Monadic Sequential, in which each respondent will be exposed to two blends, one at a time, without letting them know the name of the blends. Here, one was a new blend, yet to be launched and the other was a popular blend. 

We started with Noida location, followed by Delhi and Gurugram on the last day.

We had booked a hotel in each of these locations for CLT. All covid protocols were maintained. Respondents had come to the hotel as per the time slots assigned to them.

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They were asked to taste the new blend and a popular blend and accordingly questions were asked. Our team had prepared the questionnaire for the same and all the responses were stored in Google forms. The respondents had to give their feedback on taste, colour, strength and other features of the new blend as compared to the other popular blend.

Once the data collection through CLT was over, our research team compiled all the responses from each of the locations and prepared the final analysis and report based on the responses.

Inspite of the fact that the time period (Covid, Ramjan and Navratri) was not suitable enough for CLT, yet our team carried out a good job maintaining all protocols.

The final report was submitted to the client on time. The entire project was completed in record 5-days time. 

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