Blend Test for a New Blend
Vs Key Competition

  • Name:  Blend Test for a New Blend
  • Methodology: CLT along with Monadic Sequential (Blind form without exposing the brand name)

End to end research project  conducted a thorough study project for a well-known alcoholic beverage company in April 2021. The goal was to assess the competitive environment between two well-known blends, Royal Stag and All Seasons, and a new alcohol mix that was about to be launched.

Central Location Testing Blend Test

Project Overview


  • Goal: Blend test for a new alcohol blend versus its competitors.
  • Locations: Delhi, Noida, Gurugram.
  • Total Respondents: 60 from each location.
  • Age Range: 20 to 50 years.
  • Timeline: 5 days (3 days for data collection, 2 days for analysis and reporting).


The effort was carried out in tandem with important occasions like Ramadan and Navratri during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The MarketGenics team upheld strict measures to guarantee the security and dependability of the study in spite of these obstacles.

Central Location Testing (CLT)

  • Approach: Monadic Sequential Methodology.
  • Procedure: Respondents were exposed to two blends (one new, one popular) sequentially without disclosing the blend names.
  • Locations: CLT was conducted in Noida, Delhi, and Gurugram


Data Collection:

The CLT was held in hotels in each city, carefully following COVID-19 security protocols. In order to reduce interaction and maintain a secure atmosphere, respondents showed up during the designated times.

  • Procedure: Every participant consumed both the novel blend and a well-liked blend. After that, questions about flavor, color, strength, taste, after taste and other characteristics were put to them.
  • Tools: An online questionnaire that had been pre-designed was used to get feedback.
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Following the collection of data, the research team at MarketGenics assembled and examined the answers from each of the three sites. Comparing the new blend’s characteristics to those of the well-liked mixes was the main focus of the study.


The study yielded significant findings about consumer inclinations and opinions of the novel alcohol blend vis-à-vis its well-established rivals. Important parameters including flavor, color, and potency were carefully assessed, allowing the customer to make well-informed choices regarding the product introduction.

To sum up

In an unprecedented five days, finished the end-to-end research study, despite the obstacles presented by COVID-19, Ramadan, and Navratri. The team’s commitment and proficiency in conducting market research were demonstrated by the timely delivery of the final report. stands out as the best option for companies looking for premium market research services in CLT because it consistently provides dependable and useful insights, even in the most trying situations.

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